"Transform" America

Obama said it. Jbiden Inc is saying it. Crits say it. I keep hearing this.

“Transform” it into what?


What is it going to be when it is “transformed”?

It’s beginning to look they’re trying to transform the US into early 2000s Argentina? Maybe Venezuela today?



You’re not going to get straight answer.

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As for model the left has is China IMO.

It’s political rhetoric. Just like making this country great, again. It’s to show that politicians have a plan to make things “better”.

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Like I said…selling fear.

“Oh noes! They want to TRANSFORM us!”


I get that. I just want to know what “better” looks like.

I’m not afraid. I just want a peek.

You already know.

Do I? What do I already know?

Well. He said this in July of 2020 as a candidate. He’s been President for 8 months now. What policies has he prioritized? There’s your answer.

No, that’s Jbiden Inc politics. A means to your end. I want to hear what the Champions & Supports envision.

What’s “better” look like to all you voters?

Stop it man! You know that’s not at all what they want.

I agree here. Every slogan is trying to show action.

Transform , maga and so on are words that show action.

Yes…I do know. Authoritarian state ruled by a few Oligarchs tied together by political power and wealth.

Reason why Trump was hated…he left his lane.


Oh noes! The Libs are coming after mah Freedums!

You sure? 3.5T?

What do you want then?

What’s the result of the action?

Are you?

Open the southern border!! YAY!!!