US Deals Heavy Blow to China Tech Ambitions With Nvidia Chip Ban

The recent CHIPS Act in the US forces global chipmakers to effectively choose between investing in the US and China. Now that Washington is limiting access to AI products as well, it’s created another chokepoint for Beijing’s tech expansion while working on growing its own domestic semiconductor capability

The US has given Nvidia a year to wrap up development work in China on its most advanced H100 server chip, underlining that it doesn’t want its companies working on sensitive tech within Chinese borders. Nvidia also said the restrictions may cost it $400 million in the current quarter and it may have to move some operations out of China.

Is this a good policy? Restricting these chips slows down dependent Chinese technology while we catch up.

But it’s not enough to just deny these chips to the Chinese. The government should make Nvidia whole for the money they’re about to lose as a result of this and then some more. Build a leading gap with agressive industrial policy just like China has done to us.


We have a lot of catch up to do with their belt and road initiative anything is better than nothing, regardless of the division no one wants these foo’s to run the planet. Sometimes I think it would have been better to have let Japan finish them off before entering WW2. They have been against us ever since America saved their ass in WW2 and just five years later they were fighting us in Korea, that’s some friends there. ■■■■ China, I don’t care what party weakens them I will applaud it.


They will get their “license from Washington”.

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It always warms my heart to see some libs honest enough to know that America should come First.


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potato diplomacy?

Don’t tell me we’ve finally given away enough of our technology to China?

not quite, they can stay for a year to finish up and make sure the ccp gets everything they need. brandon’s rules.

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US tech companies that receive federal funding will be barred from building “advanced technology” facilities in China for 10 years, the Biden administration has said

We’re going to be implementing the guardrails to ensure those who receive CHIPS funds cannot compromise national security… they’re not allowed to use this money to invest in China, they can’t develop leading-edge technologies in China… for a period of ten years," according to US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo., explaining the US Chips and Science Act.

Industrial policy gives a nation the leverage to make demands like this.

Real heavy blow. Giving the ChiComs a year to steal what they haven’t already stole.

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If only that season was more than 90 days before a national election.

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That would just be glorious if it happened for no other reason than it should. Imagine a world like that. :rofl:

Heavy or not, this is one of the first blows of our own industrial policy against theirs.

Lesser administrations would’ve just made it more expensive for Americans to buy Chinese products and called the problem fixed.

Police get funded…crooks go to jail…tariffs get collected…the border gets sealed for 3 months before the election every other year.

Fetterman pre stroke ads sounded like Trump with build America first and better paying jobs for blue collar workers.

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Trump tariffs worked that is why Brandon is being sneaky about lifting them.

Tariffs did nothing to close the gap to Chinese technology, or reduce our dependence on vulnerable foreign chip suppliers.

CHIPs act is doing both at the same time, without squeezing American consumers.

Yes it did.

Just one instance…

Now look at what Biden is up to…

Hey…Let’s look at those Biden family China deals.

China should be PUNISHED by tariffs just for supporting Russia invasion of Ukraine.

Do those links have anything to do with microchips?

The flurry of investments into US fabrication lately is nice, but the howling of our economic rivals is even nicer.

Separately, Li Yong, who heads an expert committee at the China Association of International Trade, called the US law a form of “semiconductor hegemony”, in an interview with Xinhua on Tuesday

That’s exactly what we want.

"Still, the brunt of the impact will be felt by Nvidia itself…

They tried this same stuff with solar panels during Obama. Didn’t work. China made the solar panels.

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It literally is a matter of national security.

Yes we do.

I do not trust this administration to follow through, especially with campaign ■■■■■■■■ in full gear.