Turkey agree to cease-fire in Northern Syria

Turkey has agreed to stop combat operation in the region after meeting with U.S VP and delegate from the WH, its unclear at this time how much Trump letter which was perfect had an effect.

U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence said Turkey has agreed to a ceasefire in northern Syria on Thursday.

Pence and a U.S. delegation met Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan earlier to persuade him to halt an offensive against Kurdish fighters.

Pence said Erdogan agreed to a “pause in military operations for 120 hours” to let the U.S. facilitate the withdrawal of Kurdish YPG fighters from the contested area of Syria. Turkey pledged not to bomb during this time, while Pence said U.S. forces in the region had already begun to facilitate a safe disengagement of YPG units.

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Trump patting himself on the back for reacting to the cluster that he created. Stable genius.

At least Pence has some sense.

Good job Trump Administration for achieving this cease-fire. This is why we elected you. Hillary Clinton would have had no idea how to solve a crisis like this. She probably would have started the crisis in the first place because of her incompetence.


Let’s assume the letter had nothing to do with it.

There is a cease-fire. No American lives lost. Are you for that or against it?

Did his strategy work out or didn’t it?

Erdoğan suddenly understood the box he was in when Trump authorized Treasury secretary Mnuchin to prepare sanctions against Turkey. By themselves, sanctions haven’t succeeded much in that part of the world. But in concert with the departure of the U.S., they became a scary signal that Turkey was all by her lonesome. Having steadfastly refused to negotiate, Erdoğan now nervously rang up Trump and asked for an emergency conference. Trump sent Vice President Pence and national security adviser O’Brien to mediate negotiations with the Kurds.

These are the long sought negotiations, brought about by U.S. troops leaving .

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Trump start a humanitarian crisis, put U.S soldiers at risk.

stable genius give him the medal of honor.

Trump once again exhibits strategic insight not seen in the White House since George Washington.

Grant was a over-rated general.

No American lives lost.

A cease fire.

Are you happy with that or not?

I’m Canadian we are not allowed to be happy order of the Queen.

Then why did you start this thread?


Cease fire. No American lives lost.

Are YOU happy about that or not?

False dichotomy. American lives are not the only thing of importance here. If no American lives were lost, but hundreds of non-Americans were killed and hundreds of thousands displaced, we should still be happy?

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Turns out if you just call something a deal and demand everything you want while giving him nothing, Trump will think he scored a major victory.

A cease fire and no American lives lost are not of importance?

Your “if” scenario didn’t happen, did it?

Now, are you happy with the outcome or not?

Are you supporting that there is a cease-fire and no American lives lost or not?

No. What is there to be happy about? By Trumps incompetence, Turkey invaded northern Syria, killed Kurdish soldiers, and civilians. Isis prisoners freed. Russians invaded northern Syria, and take formerly held US positions.

Why are we supposed to be happy a temporary ceasefire was put in place, to try and fix Trumps mistakes?


I didn’t say that. Don’t make things up.

LOL. The “if” scenario is exactly what happened.

Are you happy that there is a cease-fire and no American lives lost or not?

Really? Then why the “if”?

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No Americans were lost. Fact. Turkey is not firing. Fact. Turkey does not call this a cease fire. Fact. Turkey has demanded the Kurds withdraw from northern Syria or attacks will resume. Fact. Hundreds have died and hundreds of thousands were displaced during Operation Spring Peace. Fact.

It’s great no American lives were lost. That doesn’t mean I’m happy with the current situation.