Is the US headed back to pre-Trump levels of Islamic terrorism?

Yes intelligence agencies. Whose actions are also sometimes enforced by American soldiers. However no presence no nation building no permanent force

Which ones? Who is going to give us intelligence since we abandoned our allies?

What allies? You guys wanted out of NATO. I can cite the posts.

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The folks in Afghanistan who are now abandoned and fending for themselves.

You mean like the Kurds? Selective caring.


Brilliant strategist!!

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So, go all generic rather than what is specific right now.

Does that help you feel better?

In the short term, America is out of the way. ISIS & Co. will now duke it out with the Taliban. Let’s hope they both lose.

I am not going Generic. You don’t care about the “allies”. It’s nothing but crocodile tears.

They were useful and now they are not…. That’s how imperialism works right?

Oh and we should get as many of them out as we can and relocate them here.


We gave it 20 years, thousands of casualties, and billions of dollars.

My conscience is clear.

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I see a bunch of neocon bumper sticker jingoism getting recycled to hype up their next crusade.

No. We’re over it. A locked cockpit door was worth more than of all of your big ideas on maps.


It’s gross and the about face on neoconism was all completel ■■■■■■■■


Trump Abandoned the Kurds: Here’s What Has Happened Since - Rolling Stone


nothing similar. the kurds were asked to move out of a ten mile stretch along the border for our nato ally. their protection was not withdrawn

You have no idea what I do and do not care about so just stop.

we’ll stop all terrorists from entering the country at the airports…

they would never enter through Mexico


I doubt they mean it. More likely, the point is to be able to continue bitching about Biden.

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20 years wasn’t long enough?

10 years were enough. As soon as Osama was dead, Obama should have started pulling the plug.

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I agree…But what would have been the reaction from the Right?