Turkey agree to cease-fire in Northern Syria

If a war happens, but no American lives are lost, does it really matter?

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Um. Okay :roll_eyes:

Who is happy thousands of ISIS prisoners are on the loose? Show of hands?

Those ISIS prisoners are probably reformed by now. It’s not a big deal if they they get early release from prison.

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The US abandoned the region, turning one of the only groups of people that like us to aligning with Assad and Russia, giving Iran a stronger Syrian ally, caused the slaughter of countless Kurds and showed the world that the US is willingly abandoning its role as a global leader leaving a vacuum to be filled by our adversaries who didn’t have to lift a finger to accomplish the unraveling of seven years of US interest in a few days, and has seen the escape of Isis prisoners who can now regroup and attack again.

But we got a cease fire… so yay?


this is terrific news. no American lives lost and a cease fire obtained. Winning with Trump!

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I know I am happy.

It’s asking a question, it’s not a supposition in terms of the action. Let me rearrange the sentence structure to make it easier for you.

We should still be happy if no American lives were lost, but hundreds of non-Americans were killed and hundreds of thousands displaced.

I’m not supposing if those actions happened, I’m asking why we should be happy about it.

You have zero idea what a false dichotomy is. Google it.

Are you happy that there is a cease-fire and no American lives were lost? Yes or no. Stop deflecting.

No. Im not happy as I have explained and others have as well.

Why should we happy about everything that has occurred from pullout till now?

Thanks. Your consistency gives me hope I can learn new things.

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Trump betrayed our most formidable partner against ISIS and unconditionally surrendered on their behalf. Are you happy?

Honesty. Thank you for not deflecting. I can respect that.

So, there is a cease-fire now. Are you happy about that or not?

Obama called ISIS a jv team and said they were contained. Many liberals here cheered about that. Funny how partisan politics works.

What’s the actual number of ISIS fighters and people affiliated with them that escaped? I can’t find a reliable number anywhere. From what i understand some of the prisons there also held their families.

Are you happy that the US has betrayed it’s ally the Kurds. And in doing so, directly caused the death of hundreds of Kurdish forces, deaths of civilians, displacement of hundreds of thousands of civilians, the freeing of countless Isis prisoners, the taking of previously US held positions by Russian forces, the ceding of control of the region to Russia, and the loss of US standing around the world?

You can’t separate the ceasefire from all of that. The ceasefire is a direct result of Trumps incompetence, and everything that has resulted from it.

All due respect, but what politicians did in the past clearly hasn’t worked.

What Trump did worked. In short order with no American lives lost.

How can anyone not celebrate that?

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Are you happy that there is a cease-fire and no American lives lost?