Trump to sanction turkey

Not really an answer.

What is your opinion on how this can happen?

You claimed that Trump has the power to cripple Turkey’s economy.

Numerous posters have asked you to explain how. You have refused to answer, and instead posted nothing but bluffs and condescension.

The best you’ve been able to come up with is “Trump said so.” Pardon me if I don’t accept that as an argument.


U.S. goods imports from Turkey totaled $10.3 billion in 2018. Turkey’s GDP in 2018 was $851 billion. Even if that $10.3 billion was completely lost and not recuperated with increased trade to other countries, it would be a 1.2% decrease in terms of GDP. Our GDP fell 2.5% in 2009 during the recession.


So, you’re saying that you’ll explain and support your claim in two months?

Why wait, if you know what you’re talking about?

Just explain it now.

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I posted per the article exactly what Trump is prepared to do.

I agree that his tactics will work.

Back in 1991 Saddam Hussein started massing his forces on the Kuwaiti border. The Bush administration and State Department did essentially nothing to tell Saddam to knock it off and otherwise thwart his plans. They basically gave Saddam the OK to settle his neighborhood dispute. Saddam invaded and the rest is a sad history from there. There were many follow on events from this, like the basing of US troops in Saudi Arabia which was bin Laden’s rallying cry that resulted in well over 11,000 thousand American lives in Iraq, Afghanistan and New York City. It created fertile breeding grounds for terrorism and led to the emergence of ISIS. It’s cost the US trillions in wasted treasure and the blood of untold numbers of Kuwaitis, Iraqi Shi’is, Kurds, Yazidis, etc.

Trump rightfully called out all this was a fiasco and a tremendous mistake. His solution? To throw one of the few US allies, the total of which can likely be counted on the fingers of a single hand, has in all the Middle East and pushed them into the hands of the Syrians and Russians. Now he’s sanctioning Turkey for doing what they said they were going to do which Trump refused to tell them no ■■■■■■■ away. US relations with Turkey taking a further dive is no doubt delightful to the Russians. And Trump’s re-basing Troops back in Saudi Arabia. Has anyone done any calculation of blowback on this because there is a clear history to draw from which Trump seems keen on repeating. The idea that this move doesn’t cost US lives is a dicey one to make.


Not what I said. Reading is fundamental :wink:

I did articulate an argument.

If you cannot disseminate the argument then what is the point of discussion with you?

Those tactics are predicated on there being a $100 billion trade deal. A deal that is five times the current trade with Turkey right now.

I have my doubts that the President is being honest about the size of the trade deal.

I am willing to be convinced that the President’s plan will work if a cogent argument can be made.

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No, you didn’t.

You literally just parroted Trump’s press release. That’s not an argument.


Why is Trump sanctioning Turkey for dealing with the PKK which the other day he was claiming Turkey was essentially right to do so?

God, this sanction stuff is so full of ■■■■ and weak. The US abandoned any sway it had when it would have made a real difference and saved lives. How is the present situation a ‘win’ for the US? Unless the sanctions bring Superman off the comic pages to spin the Earth retrograde and we can watch all the Kurds rise from their graves, ISIS prisoners stream backwards into their prisons with the walls reconstructing around them and that Turkish military assets roll backwards across the border then whoopdie ■■■■ about this sanctions stuff.

Turkey its one of the giant reasons ISIS was such a thing with them letting their border stay open and buying oil from them to fund there operations. It’s no surprise that Trump doesn’t have a clue, but Lindsey Graham acting all surprised that the Turkish Islamicist dictator old him a fib? Only because you were so gullible Lindsey. Get out, all of you.


No, I posted excerpts that I agree with. If making that clear is obtuse for you readng subsequent post might be in your interest. Just sayin. :wink:


You parroted Trump’s press release.

The fact that you agree with him is not an argument. It is not a reason for anyone else to believe him.

You are allowed to believe every word Trump says. But no one else is obligated to do so - and when you cant support your claims with anything other than “Trump said so”, theres no reason for anyone to take your belief seriously.

This is a discussion board. If you don’t want to discuss your own claims, why post them?


Then, I would suggest you simply not invest so much time trying so hard to discredit me.:wink:


No one is trying to “discredit” you. Stop playing the victim.

We are trying to engage you in discussion. You made a claim, and we’re asking you to support it.

I dont think that’s an unreasonable request on a discussion board.


Darlin’. I am no one’s victim. But, hey. If that plays well for you go with it. Let me be VERY clear with you TNT. You will NOT tell me to stop. You are not my Mom, my Dad nor the Law of the land. Is that clear enough for you?

I supported the claim made in excerpts of the article I posted. What do you not get about that?

Apparently if I don’t make something cut and dry it isn’t sufficient for you. Too bad. Cut and dry is sufficient for me.

DMK didn’t say that.

Why did you make that up?

Even if you do, it won’t be sufficient.

Not sure why you’re trying to convince libs of anything.

We can put in place sanction like we have on Iran on Turkey if push comes to shove…and Turkey doesn’t have oil.

Turkey biggest exports is Vehicles machines and steel valued at 54 billion dollars…or about 32 percent of their exports. Then and add billion more of other exports while cutting off refine petroleum, spare parts for their aircraft.

Of course I didn’t. But should that matter? :laughing: