Trump warns Maduro and his evil socialist henchmen in fiery speech. Maduro shoots hungry disarmed people


Reason why I don’t think they’re among our best allies is because they’re a Shi’ite state closely aligned with Iran, unlike before the war when they were bitter enemies.

Unfortunate side effect of removing Saddam and Ba’athists from power.


Is it though? How about us? Notable that there seems to be a lack of concern for the United States of America amidst all this chickenhawking.


The Venezuela socialists just shot people trying get food. See what happens they take your guns…


Here’s the article about socialists shooting people trying to get food. The people gave up their guns for socialism, and look what it got them

“One person has reportedly died and 12 have been injured after a clash at Venezuela’s now-closed border with Brazil”


I can hear the footsteps of all those Maduro surrounded himself with, leaving by the back door.


I just wonder why socialism produces leaders this evil time after time after time…

Actually, I know why. It’s the power to have complete control over the people and their money that socialism provides.


Like the 1% do here.


But, they don’t… They have to give you something you want for your money.


No they don’t, they just buy politicians.




Top 10 Most Socialist Countries in the World:

New Zealand

Evil leaders all.

'Why do we want these people from all these ■■■■■■■■ countries here? We should have more people from places like Norway." Donald Trump Jan 11. 2018


as far as I know Leftists love lots of power for politicians…


That does not change the history of leftism. . And China is nothing to brag about. The rest of them tax the poor and you get crappy health care, high prices and a dying culture.


It’s fascinating watching some people denounce extremism from one side, but not the other. As if only one political viewpoint is capable of violence and destruction.


But it does refute your idea that " socialism produces leaders this evil time after time after time".


That because those doing the denouncing like that are themselves extremist.


How many of these countries have you lived in, or even visited for an extended period?


Why do you suppose any politician runs for office if not for the ‘power’?

Are republican/conservative/rino/libertarian/TEA party/ righties any different?


I care much more that Trump is a Putin ally and puppet. Let’s invade that.


Crappy health care? Go look up how those countries stack up against the US. I think you will be surprised. I have spent time in each of those countries except New Zealand and so I know what their standard of living is. How many have you visited?