Trump warns Maduro and his evil socialist henchmen in fiery speech. Maduro shoots hungry disarmed people

I’m sure most people missed the speech, but I was lucky to turn on cable and see this great speech by Trump. His understanding of history and the US’s role in it is amazing. His grasp of world event’s and vision for the future is truly inspiring. His remarks on socialism and it’s twilight were spot on.

" if (they) continues to stand with President Nicolás Maduro’s government.

“You will find no safe harbour, no easy exit and no way out. You will lose everything,” the US president said in a speech in at Florida International University in Miami before large American and Venezuelan flags. “We seek a peaceful transition of power, but all options are open.”

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If Maduro does not go, I hope Trump goes for the military option. After Venezuela, hopefully Nicaragua and Cuba will fall with a little help…

Trump is cool…

The last thing Venezuela needs is to become another country for us to invade.

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You and John Bolton should go in first.

I mean seriously, have you learned nothing from Iraq?

Yeah, drop the hammer! Screw em, Libya 2.0

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Yea, let’s invade Venezuela! We can use all their oil to pay for it, too!

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Republicans are for endless war…

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Trump should run on invading Venezuela.

The people will welcome us with open arms, and the troops will be home by Christmas!

Maybe that’s what they want since we didn’t get Iraq’s oil.

That wasn’t fiery. That was his usual weak and stringy voice, his eyes locked on the teleprompter. I doubt he even knows what he’s saying, his mind is on the next golf game and the chocolate cake with 2 scoops he’s going to have tonight.

Hopefully, he will be done with this now, and won’t let the pundits tell him to send in the military.

If military intervention takes place it likely won’t be unilateral. Probably coalition led by right-leaning Latin American countries like Brazil and Argentina, aided by US, possibly Canada and others.

I’m just gonna let all that sink in for a moment.

Cool. Nice to see the GOP hasn’t given up on their decades-long policy of liberal interventionism, regime change, and nation building. So how long do you think we’ll be in Venezuela? 15? 20? 30 years?

I told you that Trump is an expert at knowing the six things to say to keep Republicans in his back pocket.

[quote=“Cratic3947, post:1, topic:147624, full:true”] His understanding of history and the US’s role in it is amazing. His grasp of world event’s and vision for the future is truly inspiring.

You’re going to make Tiny blush.

It’s not hard when you have people tripping over themselves to kiss his butt.

Ooo, ooo, ooo!

Have we finally made it back around to overly-interventionalist right-wingers?

I’m hoping Trump gets a primary challenge from his speech writer. He’s the guy!

Yes just what we need more pointless wars with some random dictator just after kissing up to another hostile dictator. Gotta quench the bloodlust of John Bolton dont ya know…