Trump warns Maduro and his evil socialist henchmen in fiery speech. Maduro shoots hungry disarmed people


John Bolton is the neo con that scares neo cons. I say we just maroon the SOB over there with just a single shot and whiskey.


Dick, is that you?


I know who John Bolton is. The War Mustache himself.


Lets rally for illegal asylum refugees from Venezuela so they can vote for Republicans who don’t support socialism they fled from and lets see how much support they get from liberals, progressives and Democrats!


Regime change has worked so well for us in the past, what could possibly go wrong?


I don’t consider Brazil to be right-leaning.


Yeah because every time we have intervened south of the border it has gone swimmingly.


are there any countries you don’t want to kill American soldiers over?


Their leader is right of Trump, is he not ?


Simple minds, simple motivations.


Doesn’t mean the whole country is like him.


Well , a lot of the country must be like him since his election was never even in doubt, unlike Trump who was the underdog on the election night and lost the popular vote.

Regardless, he’s in charge now so he gets to steer their Venezuela policy how he sits fit; that’s really what i spoke about.


Great speech? I think he sounds like Eric Cartman from South Park most of the time.


Iraq is doing fine. Our best ally in the middle east besides Israel. You don’t care about starving children in Venezuela? Or that Maduro is a Putin ally and puppet?


I really like Trump pointing out that socailsim fails because it goes against human nature.


Who said anything about our soldiers going in? But even if Trump pulls a Granada, that’s fine. Communism is the biggest evil in history. You can tell by the death toll.


Better than Saudis ? or even Egypt ?


It’s nice you agree they are a functioning democracy now… How’s Obama’s Libya ?


I was really just asking a question. Are Iraq a better ally of ours than Saudis or Egypt ? Or Kuwait , for that matter ?


Not being a general, I would have no way of knowing…

Seems they were a great help reducing ISIS to 5% of what they were during Obama…