Trump warns Maduro and his evil socialist henchmen in fiery speech. Maduro shoots hungry disarmed people


no, as we are watching at one shoot hungry people today…


Why don’t you look it up and prove it to me…


What proof is there that Trump is Putin ally = Zero!


Some are, but you are correct govt people are often narcissistic people wanting power and praise… So, why do people want to give the power to them?


Literally everything real refutes everything posted by some people. All socialist leaders are evil. Idiot obese elderly man stuffing his face with KFC and partying with pedophiles is “cool”.


If I figure out how to vote for someone and not also give them the power of the office I’ll let you know.


Bill Clinton?

I didn’t all socialist leaders are evil many are just uniformed. But the history of socialism has more mass murders than any other system in history and Maduro is certainly not far from being one.

So, I ask again why are psychopathic leaders drawn to socialism?


The idea is to balance power and liberty. A more perfect union. Which is why our founding is genius…



There are many studies that can be easily found in a Google search. In the one I noted it ranks the USA 19th. All of the countries that I referenced are higher on the list with the exception of China which is ranked 48th. Other studies are similar whereas the USA is ranked right around the 20th place.
You also did not answer the question from me and armycowboy. How many of those countries listed have you visited?


How flippantly you want to commit American troops to another pointless frutiless endeavour. Obviously you and other Trump supporters have learnt nothing from the past 18 years.

BTW did you really say in another post Trump has a good understanding of history!!! Next you will be telling us what a scholar he is of the constitution.


At least we’re not harping on the left for being unique in the quest for power now.

Founding geniuses were liberals don’t ya know.


Take your pick of the evidence - start with Trump undermining and weakening the NATO alliance, even threatening to withdraw, a Putin dream. Next, abruptly withdrawing militarily from Syria - just what Putin (and Iran) asked Trump to do. Lifting sanctions on Putin’s murdering, thieving oligarch pal Deripaska - why did Trump do that? Right - because that’s what Putin wanted. Trump is more than Putin’s ally, he’s Putin’s BFF (putting it nicely).


Except that odd link, and massive article starts by telling you their biggest criteria is access not quality. So, people gets a free bandaid…and then dies waiting for surgery…

The have free healthcare in Venezuela… …


Nato is stronger and paying more. Because of Trump. They they take him seriously…

We still have troops in Syria, so it’s not abrupt… And Trump has talked about troop withdraw for years. Never ending wars, remember?

Trump has more sanctions on Putin that anyone, and he’s trying to block another cash flow to Putin, by trying to blocking another pipeline to Germany from Russia.

Many Dems want to block our pipelines, not Putin…

Ol’flexible loved whispering Putin ear… Ever wonder what about?


NONE of these countries are socialist countries. China is full on communist and the others are either “constitutional and/or parliamentary” monarchy’s or democracies. There is a BIG difference between socialism and European/Canadian type of governments.

Venezuela is the perfect example of the horrors of socialism which took the Democratic and richest country in South America to the depths of despair & destruction in just 12 short years!


We used the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study 2016 (GBD 2016) to assess personal health-care access and quality with the Healthcare Access and Quality (HAQ) Index for 195 countries and territories, as well as subnational locations in seven countries, from 1990 to 2016.

That is the statement at the beginning of the study. Access AND Quality.


Guess what? If you have good access to health care, a lot of times you don’t need heart surgery.


How is NATO stronger? There’s no evidence that NATO allies take Trump seriously. The allies certainly don’t trust Trump at all, that’s quite clear, and works for Putin beautifully.

Trump announced a complete, abrupt withdrawal, because Putin asked him. Trump didn’t discuss this with military leaders before announcing he was following Putin’s request.
Afterward, in the face of criticism and anger from our allies and our military, Trump caved somewhat, the only reason we still have troops. So don’t go using the current situation as a defense of Trump.

What do you mean, more than anyone? You didn’t answer the question: why did Trump allow the lifting of sanctions on key Putin ally Deripaska? Other than making Putin happy, that is.

Both irrelevant. Trump is Putin’s bitch.


how do you plan to overthrow a military dictatorship without fighting them?


Here you go:

I have been going to China since 1979 and have watched how they changed to embrace capitalism.
I have watched them go from a country where everyone rode bicycles to massive newly built highways full of cars. I have seen their massive infrastructure and housing projects. And all of it done by private companies and not the government. They are still communist when it comes to the collective getting housing and food. But very capitalist when it comes to business and finance.