Trump warns Maduro and his evil socialist henchmen in fiery speech. Maduro shoots hungry disarmed people


Canada doesn’t tax the poor, have crap healthcare, high prices or a dying culture.


Haha Venezuela hasn’t been Democratic in a century.


no one in NATO has increased their defense spending.

I don’t think Germany need Trump advice on their domestic policy.


Beleifeif without proof is religion…

Perfectly relevant… Putin is Trumps Bitch. You can tell by how mad Putin is…

Ol’Flexible in action




At least O’flexible met with Putin in public instead of hiding behind closed doors.


" Putin and Obama hold private meeting"

17:43, 06.09.2013


Can guarantee you we had an US interpreter there at least.


According to your link they discussed Syria. What did Trump and Putin discuss?


The two leaders chatted in a foursome with Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice and a Russian aide.

And I am sure that notes were made that were shared with those on the National Security Committee.

Trump on the other hand…


New Zealand
These country’s are shooting hungry people.


“At least O’flexible met with Putin in public instead of hiding behind closed doors.”


The thing you fail to understand is that socialism is a ECONOMIC SYSTEM, which can be done under ANY GOVT.


No, they are just taxing the heck out of the poor, and making things expensive.


Obama wasn’t hiding. It was covered unlike Trump whose meetings are discovered.


Okay, let’s take a look at Norway:

The Norwegian tax system is based on everyone paying tax according to their ability to pay [so that the tax burden is perceived as fair.

Another source:

Like most countries the tax rate is based on income earned. In addition, many countries use a VAT system.
So perhaps you can provide a link that proves that these countries tax the poor. Thanks.


Socialism is not the leader of mass murders. Probably most were done in the name of communism. I know you like to say Nazis were socialist but they were not, any more than the Republican guard are republicans.

Why does super cool bff Trump make so many excuses and so much praise for brutal tyrants?


One might consider war as a cause of mass murders. And some of the bloodiest wars were in the name of religion. And if you consider war as a cause, then I would argue that the numbers would be pretty close for both communism and capitalism.


Oh I fully believe in a different sense that indeed capitalism and religion have been the prime motivators for death, I just didn’t want to get too down in the weeds with this.


I provided the evidence, not just belief. You ignore it, as you must to be a good Trump sheep. Bleat on, lamb chop.

Did you hear Trump talk about Montenegro being the likely ignition point for a WWIII? Straight from Putin’s lips to Trump’s liitle brain. Pillow talk with his puppet.


I actually don’t think Trump supporters are able to understand this at all. They can’t even get term socialist and socialism correct and use them like they are same thing. I think it is the lack of education that right wing embraces and if educated it is a bad thing.

My next door neighbor thinks that because I have 2 college degrees one in Nuclear Engineering and other in Computer Sci it is a bad thing and makes me “not as bigly smart” as he is. They are people who think they are smartest person in room but they are actually really dumb. He always argues with me about how he can see “nuclear smoke” coming out of Nuke plant a few miles away. He thinks that someone who dropped out of High School in the 10th grade knows more than someone who spent years working in a Naval Nuke plant and has a degree in the field.

This is the same type that argue on here.