Trump Slaps Ugly Unfunny Bill Maher

I’ve always wondered what it would be like when a president pushes back on foaming media idiots like Bill Maher.

i hope this sets the standard for how other future presidents react to round the clock round the dial ■■■■■■■■■ smear and baseless attack.

i know. i doubt it too

so enjoy it while it lasts! lol

So…this is all about physical appearance?

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Is this one of your personal grudge threads? El oh el.


I just assumed it was Trump who said it. But no, it was the OP.

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No wonder Trump is pissed. Scaramucci even turned his back on Trump.

He was also cheering for a recession. At least most of his guests disagreed with that

no ALL about that no. but it can be part of it

let’s try not to get so personal about things so quickly

Your posts display some serious hatred towards media figures.


he’s been saying this for some time now.

he can weather a recession so no big deal to him other than political. what a ■■■■■■■■ lol i tell you what


Nothing wrong with it. We’ve all got our things. Yours is just overt, is all. It’s healthy that you accept it.

can we go outside the personal and discuss the topic.

this shouldnt be about me. i know the hard left cant help themselves but go personal.

Added to the list of “What if Obama did this?”


It’s not about going outside the topic, friend. You make it part of the topic. Your vitriol is obviously a major motivation behind the posts you make. I thought we established you are fully comfortable with it, which is why I discuss it. If that’s not the case, I’ll leave off.

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Too funny.


well obama didnt put up with it much now did he?

It was the first time I had seen somebody agree with him. It was Richard Engle from NBC who agreed with him. So much for journalistic integrity.

Just called
Someone ugly.

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How do you watch a tv show by mistake