Trump rally continues


Please explain the [quote=“Cratic3947, post:246, topic:853, full:true”]

Trump is not letting the banks make no doc loans.

If Obama’s economy was so great, Hillary would have won…

Please explain “no doc” loans. And how Trump isn’t letting them.


Retail sale up in July showing economy remains strong…

“Retail sales in July increased 6.4 percent from a year ago.”

“Consumer spending is being supported by a tightening labor market, which is steadily pushing up wages. Tax cuts and higher savings are also underpinning consumption.”

Sweet…Trump is Cool…


…when he cheats on his wives.


“Retail sales in July increased 6.4 percent from a year ago.”… Bimbo eruptions?



He does that…nor does he post the link so we can’t check the information. :wink:




Nice chart… It will have another up swing if Reps keep the house.


i have no idea. but you seem to be able to predict everything related to the market and the Mueller investigation so you’re my Carnac.


I was as little worried, housing sales slowed down in June around here, but picked back up in July, though not to May levels. But we have tons of tourists which is confirmed in the retail sales increase in July. The consumer is 60% of the GDP, I think… So, Christmas is looking good unless too many democrats take power.


Heck if Dems take the House they’ll probably cancel Christmas altogether. Happy Holidays!


Can you smell the walmart shoppers?..

" Walmart Bounces Back With Best Sales in More Than a Decade"

Trump is Cool

Illinois manufacturer moving to Mexico over Trump tariffs

and the next day…


Yes, Christmas hating freaks…


Tax cuts and rising wages…

“Buoyed by rising wages and employment, plus a tax cut, all of which have translated into disposable-income gains, consumers are spending again with more abandon than they have in years”


When Chinese imports are sky high who would have thought it.


Yer funny.


Actually, a lot of their growth was in groceries. So, most would come from the great US


Wow, the news of China coming to the table may trigger a new leg up when combined with the reports of retails sales way up over last year…


Housing market needs to cool off a bit.