Trump rally continues


The market took off again in July, but we don’t have the govt letting banks make no doc loans for no doc people, so at least it’s built on a lot better credit…


Actually Canada the US and Mexico tend to share a lot of farm products.

Along with their earnings report was their concerns about how tariffs were going to affect their business.


Yes… Like Canada’s tariff on our dairy products…


Too bad that you guys pulled out of TPP has that opened up more of the market.

The Americans asked for the same system the Canadians have for supply management.


I’m sure we still sell tons there and lots of spam…


Not likely since Trump got the back of Canadian government up.


Only a thousand more point and back to new records on the dow…


Only a thousand more points and we’ll be back to where we were 7 months ago. Glass half full I guess…


That was definitely a positive spin on the situation. We’ve been in chop for almost the entire year. It could break out or it could turn over. Who knows at this point.


Trump loyalty is falling apart in the heartland.

''For now, he plans to vote for Mr. Blum in November. But he’s open to hearing what the Democrats have to offer. And if the pain stretches into the winter, all bets are off.

“I would probably change my mind about voting for Trump,” Mr. Watje said. “When it gets past six months, we probably are all going to start changing our minds about who we are voting for.”


Russells at new highs and S&P is about to go over.


Only a few points to new highs on the S&D…Sweet!


Fake news…NYT…lol!


:rofl: It’s not going to be ‘‘fake news’’ when people start peeling away from the R’s in the mid term’s. :wink:


Why would they? Economy booming and dems have no ideas but open borders, hating ICE and police. The NFL will be kicking the Nat’l Anthem while the witch hunt continues… All very motivating for trump supporters.


As the article states, Trump’s policy’s are having adverse effects in large parts of the economy. Just because you don’t want to believe it doesn’t make it so. You have often been facts adverse. And the stock market is not the whole economy as you liked to point out when Obama was pres.


The economy is far from booming for most Americans, wages are stagnant and debt is still off the charts. Slightly more employment doesn’t suddenly make up for people who still can’t even match their wages with inflation and cost of living increases.


These folks are not rallying.


when i saw this thread was bumped, I knew who did it and why. Someone needs a warm space.


How would you open China’s markets?