Trump rally continues


Come on S&P… Keeps bouncing off the new record high. Love those tax cuts…


Nas and S&P close with new highs… So, the dow…

…Market will crash if the swamp gets power back…


Legal sports betting is going to make the economy even more robust…


If there was a trade war problem,. the market would go down. But it’s hitting new records…

Trump is Cool


Is that a break through with Mexico…

Gosh, the Trump doing real stuff, while dems chase playboy bunnies… lol…


Yep. Only 600 more points and the Dow will be back to where it was 7 months ago. Exiting times for sure.


The housing market is still relatively stagnant because the Milenial generation borrowed tens of thousands of dollars to go to a four year college and are now taking a third of thier salaries to try and pay off their loans. Many can’t even remotely afford to buy a house until their loans are paid off.


Yes, and the dow is the laggard. The S&P, Nas,and Russell, are already there. It will be nice to be breaking records as we head into the election… I don’t see a correction until after Christmas , which looks like it’s going to massive this year. Something out of the blue may happen, we’ll see…


The housing markets took a slight stall in July, but judging from current sales around here, it’s making a big come back this month (August)… If the stock market keeps heading up, so will housing prices, or at least home sales will stay steady…


I speak as a NJ resident. I can say that in most parts of NJ the housing market albeit has recovered, although it took a long time, but compared to the stock market is relatively stagnent. What drives the housing by and large is people getting married and having children. In NJ much of that demographic are paying off massive student loan debt. I work with a couple of people in that situation.


That is the main driver of home prices, but another driver is the need to convert currency and other liquid assets into real assets once you’ve made gains as in the stock market.

Higher wages for the non-college educated can also help the housing markets as they are in debt like the colleges grads.


What drives the housing market is new household formation.


The housing market is sky high, my friend.


Not in NJ.


Not for existing homeowners.


Existing homeowners are out of the market. In order for their home values to rise, there has to be additional demand for new households.


Consumer confidence hits 18 year high…


Even brick and mortar sales are up… That’s amazing…


Yeah, it’s been a great few years now! Hope Trump keeps it up!


Looks like we may have another over 4% quarter…