Trump rally continues


I completely agree, and in a state like NJ demand is modest. The state you live in may be very different.


Worker satisfaction highest since 2005… Good bye Obama era tow part time jobs etc.

“Just more than half of U.S. workers—51%—said they were satisfied with their jobs in 2017, the highest level since 2005, according to a new report from The Conference Board, a business-research group. In July, jobless claims continued an extended post-recession slide and hit their lowest level in nearly 50 years. Nearly 58% of those with total household income above $75,000 report feeling satisfied at work, compared with around 45% of those from households earning less than $75,000.”


Did you read this in your own link:

‘‘The Atlanta Fed’s GDP Now forecast, however, has its skeptics. The tracker often starts off optimistic early in the quarter then cools as more data flow in. In the first quarter, the indicator at one point showed 5.4 percent growth in a quarter where GDP rose just 2.2 percent.’’

Of course you didn’t. It seems you seldom read beyond the headlines.


If Trump keeps the house, I predict the biggest Christmas sales season in our history…


And if he doesn’t?


Review your post history, you’ve been trolling these forums for years. Most posts, lol…


What has Trump done to the debt?


We will go back to slow growth. Perhaps a market crash.


It’s up as usual, but that’s not his fault. He just got there…


:rofl: ooooohhhhh!!!


Looking at the US Canada trade deficit in July I guess I was right.


And what happens when the policies change in 4 weeks?


It’s come to this dude. Elect Republicans to the house or CHRISTMAS IS RUINED.


How’s that? If Senate is still Republican and the President is a Republican, how does any legislation get passed by Democrats?


I always say that Christmas will be ruined, and it may come true.


Fiscal year 2016, $548 billion deficit. Trump’s first year, $666 billion, so far this year it’s over a Trillion dollars.

Remember when Republicans cared about debt and deficits?

Of course you don’t…


One of the ways to recognize nothing burgers like the fake news out of NYT is the stock market…

That and anything out of the NYT concerning Trump is driven by TDS


Is Dow about to break another record?.. Trump is cool


Trump is not the driver of large deficits… Everyone knows that…


Yay!..There she blows. Dems are pining for the food stamp economy under Obama, I guess…