Trump rally continues

The stock market has formed a nice bullish bottom. Higher lows the last few weeks, and the Russell 2000 (my favorite) is going to close at a record high today. I thought we’d retest the lows from this year, but it’s like were good through the summer. Who knows what the fall will bring. Looks like Trump’s domestic polices are winning, so far! If Trump keeps the house this November expect 30,000 on the dow real fast…

Trump is great…


Is this sarcasm?

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But…but…when Obama was pres the stock market meant nothing :rofl:

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Here’s a story in todays MarketWatch how Bonds, stocks and gold all falling at the same time. If Obama was prez. cons would be all over here posting how he was crashing the economy. And you’d the first in line.

If Trump is great for this market, then Obama’s must’ve been your godking.

No, it’s the truth… Go check.

Because it was fed induced…

The market went flat after QE for almost two years. Slow growth economy. That’s why Trump won.

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Ssh, ignore the trillions the fed printed to prop up the market under Obama, it’s inconvenient for liberals to think about.


The stock market increased a whopping 148 percent under Obama, more than doubling.

What did obama do to contribute to that growth?

Must have went to the already rich, or Hillary would have won…

He scared you into buying more guns.


How do you fall in love with a stock index?

Ok. Since January 1st, the Dow is down 60 points. It’s down 1800 points since its high on January 26th. Since 2017 the US dollar has fallen against the Euro, Pound and Yuan.

What is your definition of rally?


Going back up after a correction. Personally, I thought it would be a bigger correction, but earning were great…

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Hillary Clinton did win the nationwide popular vote, and she won a few of the battleground States such as Nevada and Colorado. Colorado’s economy has been in very good shape over the last several years. Clinton had some baggage, and she ended up being a bad match for the Rustbelt States. That is the main reason why she lost the Presidential election.

No one runs to get the popular vote, because it’s as irrelevant as how many yards you get in a football game. Yes… The rust belt’s economy sucked …


What is your time frame? The last two weeks?

It hit the lows about two months ago. Series of higher dow lows since then. Russell back to record territory…