Trump rally continues


Those jobs aren’t coming back…



Bullish series of lows? Is that what you call chop?


You thought the Obama chart was a Trump chart and praised it (Glory Be To God).


That was post of the year material.


Some of these donkey brained lunkheads here swear and affirm that I’m a vegetable. Well they got that wrong.

On the other hand what they got right is the BEST way to know how to invest in the stock market is to foller me around…see what I do…and do the OPPOSITE. And this time I ain’t kidding. I finally gave the hello up and put my pitiful little stash in a safe harbor. It makes little money…but it also loses little money. That’s one less thing I have to worry with.

But were I betting man, I’d council to always bet on the Trump economy.

Else the one thing I learned during the Obama Terror Years was that the stock market was disconnected from fiscal realities. It does its own thing.


Markets been pretty flat this year lol


Nobody came even close to getting it as wrong as you did in 2009


You’re prolly right. I disremember. But…I’m not that guy. I had moved MY dough into that safe harbor by then, having lost my rear during the last downturn…whenever that was.


You were giving advice that would financially ruin others while not following it yourself? That’s even worse


Damn. I didn’t think it could actually get worse.


Of higher lows… Meaning when the market goes down, we don’t go lower than we did before the last correction. Thus it’s an uptrend…


Because of the massive run up last year…


You do realize that exact thing happened during Bush, right?

Now tell us more about that beautiful Obama chart that you thought was Trump’s.


Sheeit…Haw! Go peddle your asinine alinsky tactic on someone who cares.

For anyone follering… the comradeskis on here are attempting to stop and freeze MrOT. Either that or they had a mass brain stroke.




In my area, economy is doing slightly better. But housing rental and purchase prices make it extremely difficult for moderate earners and the young. To them it feels a bit hopeless.


here is the Obama chart that one of our market experts was bragging about.


Oh ok, then Obama’s last years were flat because of the massive run up over his 2 terms lol


Trump is not letting the banks make no doc loans.

If Obama’s economy was so great, Hillary would have won…


Why no time line?