Trump rally continues


And tried to deflect away from that fact.


We need to bookmark that.


“You all”. Y’all.


hey, @Cratic3947 was shown a DOW chart under Obama, in this very thread, and he loved it.



I’m disappointed I missed the fun.


Apple becomes first trillion dollar company… Trump is Cool


When he cheats on his wives.


We have covered higher territory in the markets. A definite win for everyone. 401k has rallied very nicely.




The Dow is on a very high level. As it hit 26k, experts claimed that is “overheated” and could have negative consequences. From that point, the Dow stopped to increase and was kept on a level somwhere 23k - 25k Trump is genius


Dude. This was simply a spike. Look at the chart. There is nothing genius about that chart.




Just remember Cratic39479876… For many of the crumb crunchers on here when you say “stock market” they run to mommie’s kitchen cabinet to check to on their supplies of Frooty Froot Apple Jooce and Chef Boy Ardee Spaghettios.


I’m surprised you have the guts to talk about the market or any financial matters. No one was as wrong as you during the recession.


I’m gonna be worried when Spinach tells people to put everything in the stock market. That’s when you get out.


People here waited for his daily/weekly financial updates. They went back and forth like it was a stock trading club. He gave detailed analysis about why people should be in cash or gold and those that took his advice probably missed one of the longest profitable runs in history.

My investments have skyrocketed (up until this year where they’re kind of flat). It would have been a shame to miss that.


Does Spinach ever feel bad about that? Do you think?


No clue. He should though.


Yes, we had a nice run up after the election, a sell off which was badly needed and now we have a bullish series of higher lows…

if Trump wins in Nov, we’ll have another break out up, if the dims win… Wa wa wa… The good times are over.


Remember what was predicted for the Trump presidency… Lefty said it was the end…lol!


Yes, it goes flat in 2014