Trump promotes conspiracy that got 11 people killed 4 days ago

And that’s why the Mayor of Pittsburgh wanted him to stay away!

It’s obvious hate…it seeps from every TDS pores.

Libs still haven’t gotten over that he beat their Queen.

Says the lib that promoted and pushed the Russian collusion.

I’m not saying you’re broadbrushing with a mop or anything, but…I think other posts and threads have been deleted or locked for doing so.


Well that’s not true. There is plenty of evidence groups he donates to are supporting and donating to groups assisting and promoting these caravans.

yes it is.

No, it isn’t. His Open Society Foundation provides funding to both Pueblo Sin Fronteras and CARA, both of which freely admit they assist and help organize these caravans.

no he is not funneling money through any organization to fund the caravan. if he is, perhaps you should stop vomiting out conspiracy nonsense and start proving your claim.

So, his Open Society doesn’t give money to Pueblo Sin Fronteras and CARA? He doesn’t help fund both the Catholic Legal Immigration Network and American Immigration Council, who are the principle funders of CARA? Oh wait, yes he does.

Oh I’m sure you have a cork board with lots and lots of yarn and multiple spokes and many pictures of “CARA” and a nice picture of George Soros in the middle in your little conspiracy den downstairs. But you have produced no evidence to support Trump’s nutcase conspiracy theory I’m afraid.


Here ya go

still waiting for your proof of Trump’s nutball conspiracy theory.

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I just gave it to you.

so you have nothing then, got it.

Any other Trump nutball conspiracies you want to talk about?

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If by nothing you mean showing his Open Society Foundation absolutely gives money to the groups who freely admit to organizing and promoting Central American refugee caravans, sure.

By nothing, I mean no money is being funneled from Soros to the caravan as you claim, through these organizations or any other. What exactly are you not understanding about this? Why are you doubling down on your investment into Trump’s nutcase conspiracy theory?


He doesn’t have to be handing out money directly to them in order to be involved.

He’s not funneling money to the caravan either.


He doesn’t have to directly say, “go kill the jews” to be morally responsible.


Oh, now we see the hatred inherent in libs.

Come and see the hatred inherent in libs!

Help help. I’m being repressed!

(Hello? Just waiting to be victimized over here. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?)