Trump promotes conspiracy that got 11 people killed 4 days ago

You think the magic words are “he did not vote for trump?”

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No, strange.

As is nationalist.

Is that what you believe?

Didn’t know and didn’t care. Don’t care that Soros is Jewish either.

You’re making excuses for the ■■■■■■■ who shot 11 people by blaming Trump boogeyman.

That isn’t the cause of the shooting, the cause was a nut. The fact is, there are actually groups who help organize these caravans that are being funded, by their very own admission. Nobody should be afraid to point that out because it might set some mentally unbalanced person off and give them a reason, that only exists in their own twisted mind, to commit violence. No more than rapes shouldn’t be reported because it might cause an unbalanced woman to decide she needs to kill groups of men.

The dog whistles the left keep hearing is nothing but wind passing through their hollowed out heads.

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It was pretty obvious when Obama got elected. The longer it takes to call these people out, the more mainstream it becomes.

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They don’t even try to use dog whistles anymore. They flat out say racist things and expect us to ignore it, otherwise we’re the ones who are intolerant.

Obviously, we all remember how much the right loved Bill and Hillary and Jimmy Carter and Nancy Pelosi, because of their pasty white skin.

Yep, reporting rapes and claiming Soros is secretly funding an invasion of America, exact same thing.

My name is zantax.


I don’t see any material difference, if groups he funds are assisting the caravans there is no good reason people shouldn’t be allowed to report it.

well, one is a sexual assault, the other is Trump’s nutcase baseless conspiracy theory. What specifically are you not understanding?

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Don’t recall asking you how you feel about it.

There is ZERO PROOF that Soros is funding anything.

It’s his schtick.

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Libs are always talking about how they feel. It’s disgusting.

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Snowflakes. Always needing their safe spaces.

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Oh now they’re gonna be triggered.

See the hate? This is what conan, zantac and I have to put up with every day from libs