Trump promotes conspiracy that got 11 people killed 4 days ago

in what has to be the single most disgusting thing iv ever seen in my life, four day after the largest antisemitic attacking in American history and one day after personal mourning the dead in Pittsburgh. President Trump promotes the same conspiracy that the killers claimed as his motivation for his attack.

President Donald Trump continued to falsely claim that a migrant caravan traveling north from Central America is being funded by shadowy figures on Wednesday.

While answering questions from reporters outside the White House before departing for his latest campaign rally, Trump baselessly claimed, “I wouldn’t be surprised” when asked if he believes members of the caravan were being paid to make the dangerous journey to escape violence, natural disasters, and brutal authoritarian crackdowns.

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The killer posted on Social Media less then an hour before his attacking he motivation was because Jews where funding the South American Caravans.

He doesn’t care. His supporters don’t care.

The only thing those of us who DO care can do is vote them out. Every single Republican. Local. State. National. All of the cowards who either support this ugliness or sit by in silence. They all need to pay for the harm they have done to our nation.

Not all of the victims are even buried yet.

The white moderates are about to storm in here and explain why security against the migrants is better than justice.

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Honestly I’m dumbfounded, this is disgusting on so many levels.

But not surprising. Trump is just too stupid to string together a coherent policy of hate like Hitler. Instead we get these little fits of nationalist rage, where the white moderates pretend like they’re busy checking on the roast, and the lunatic right are busy gaslighting.

The attacks on Khizr Khan were pretty disgusting. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.


how is this not breaking news on every single channel? he is prompting the same ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ that just got 11 people murdered.

Because most people in the media are cowards.

someone needs to go into the first thread on the shooting and slap every poster who said “Trump didn’t spread this rhetoric” in the face with a printed out copy of this thread.

I seriously don’t know. It’s heartbreaking to see this pile of ■■■■ spewing this hatred right after visiting the victims yesterday.

How many of them are carrying enough food to feed themselves over the 1,000+ mile journey? How many have Money for other essentials along the way?

I don’t think it’s far fetch that someone is paying expenses of this group, the second group that has crossed into mexico and yet still another third group that is forming to head to the USA.

No invastion (coming in waves) and they all seem to have a LOT of money to make this journey by foot over weeks.

How would Soros even pay those people?


Again the concept of some charity funding this isn’t the issue.

He was asked straight up if Soros was funding it.

When an unidentified reporter asked if the president was referring to George Soros, a Hungarian philanthropist routinely maligned by the far-right, Trump responded, “I don’t know who, but I wouldn’t be surprised. A lot of people say yes.”

Those “a lot of people” include the person who just murdered 11 Americans.

He could possibly be funding it.

So your saying that if there is a chance he is we shouldn’t talk about it? Or talk about WHO might be funding all these groups of people (with the one formting now this will make FOUR seperate groups) who suddenly want to make this journey in large groups that take a lot of $$$ to keep moving?

You shouldn’t make claim without proof, even more so if that claim is the direct motivation for the worst Antisemitic attack in American history.

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Like, what account do these people have access to that Soros funds? How would they access those funds? Does Soros have some network of trusted colleagues in each city the caravan drifts to? What kind of planning would that have entailed, how far back would it have gone, how would have it been kept secret?


Let me ask you something, do you think the previous caravans from years ago were also paid by Soros?