What's with all the deletions?

No email, I got a notification through the forum. The OP and posts disappeared. I’m not the only one, are posts being removed through an automated reported system then? If so it’s pretty obviously being abused.


They are reported, and the MOD’s review the reports. If a violation is found, the post (and associated quotes of) are deleted. If the reported post is in the first post of the thread, it goes away. The system marks some for approval of the MODS, and if a thread has an overload of reported posts it automatically shuts the thread down to give people a chance to cool off (and the MOD’s to clean it up).

Right. So are posts/OP’s being brigaded to remove them?

Once again, not really had many issues over the years re: deletion, apart from the past few days.

Something seems awry, that’s all.


Some are reported, others we just find. If a thread has a lot of reports – at least I do – they tend to get closer attention.

Civility is going downhill fast. Had one poster recently who decided to fall on his sword and did everything possible to get themselves banned. Find out in a year if they come back or not. Then a second one didn’t like the week of silence and ended up with a year as well.

I don’t know what your thread was about, the only threads I deleted lately – one had not discussion of the link, and one just essentially had a link and nothing else. One was a troll post for the OP and was deleted.

Brigaded as in a few people get to together to mass report to bring content down, fairly common practice these days.

All I can say is something has most definitely been off the last couple days, least as far as I’ve seen. Doesn’t look like i’m the only one who has noticed. We have a new or more active admin involved?

Several have been warned that what they are reporting is not violations and if they kept it up, it would be abuse of board.

Just people reporting posts. The other day I took care of over 100 reported posts over several hours. Reported to other users. over 50% were valid that warranted deletion.

Ok, all I can say is that I personally noticed something seemed off considered the number of my posts being removed. I came to this sub-forum and noticed a previous complaint of the same, regarding another complaint that had also been deleted from this forum.

Seems like some abuse of takedowns/report is ongoing. Again, that’s fairly typical these days.

I have had posts deleted that broke no ToS. The posts they quoted were not deleted.

They were simply quotes of another poster’s words and discussing those words with the poster.

I started a thread about it and it got deleted. Another poster started a thread asking about it and it got locked.

There are a lot of posts being deleted, that don’t break ToS (I never got a message saying they were deleted or that they broke rules) and are not part of larger chains.

The first rule of fight club is you don’t ask about post deletions.


Is Snowflake now banned?

And if so what’s?

Inquiring minds want to know.

I deleted your trolling thread that basically called all republicans anti-semites. You’re skating on thin ice with your rhetoric, and now you’ve come to tap dance. Knock it off.

Context is everyting Conan

If you are, or it appears you are calling another guest a snowflake – remember address the post not the poster.

Well one was saying libs can be such snowflakes or something to that content.

So tell me how is that any different then saying Trump supporters are psychopaths?

Not that I’ve deleted. I’ve deleted several that appeared to reference the person quoted or the post obove theirs

One I called snowflake and other I said something to effect that libs are such snowflakes.

Which leads me to conclusion Snowflake is now off limits.

Or you can’t say libs are such Snowflake but you can say Trump supporters are psychopaths.

Reason why I’m asking I’m getting lot of flags for saying things I’m seeing here all the time.

Meanwhile I was just accuse that I have been advocating violence.

Now know you’re busy and I sure as hell don’t want to make your life here hard.

But I’m somewhat confused. And that’s only tip of iceberg that been going on. Lot of indirect accusations is also a skirt around.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Please don’t drag me into this

The post of mine that you referenced was about Gianforte and I was calling a public a figure a snowflake… not anyone on this board.

Also I have never called Trump supporters psychopaths.

Thank you.

The report I got, all I could see was the one word snowflake. Way the post was made in the report area I didn’t show what was quoted.

So like I said if it has the appearance of calling another guest a snowflake it get’s deleted.

next time be a little more specific other than just the word.

I believe I was specifically referring to the hard-right and their tendency towards anti-semitic conspiracy theories involving Soros.

Not anywhere close to “all republicans”, but ok.

I believe in another post I said something along the lines of “Have they found a Jew to blame this on yet”, in which it turned out the hard right was blaming Soros for the immigrant caravan.

Yeah, I deleted that too. There were no disclaimers. It was broadbrushing with a mop.