Trump administration's legacy should be its cruelty to children

It’s come out in the last day or two that migrant children aren’t necessarily being given toothbrushes and soap. An AP report out today that teens, children and infants – yes, infants – at the El Paso facility are being held without adequate water, food and sanitation facilities.

The attorneys who recently visited the facility near El Paso told The Associated Press that three girls, ages 10 to 15, said they had been taking turns watching over a sick 2-year-old boy because there was no one else to look after him. The children told lawyers that they were fed uncooked frozen food or rice and had gone weeks without bathing or a clean change of clothes.

This is, to use a word, deplorable. I don’t care how you feel about immigration. The fact that children – babies – are being treated like this is an absolute disgrace.

The American Academy of Pediatrics issued a report that said in part “In accordance with internationally accepted rights of the child, immigrant and refugee children should be treated with dignity and respect and should not be exposed to conditions that may harm or traumatize them. The Department of Homeland Security facilities do not meet the basic standards for the care of children in residential settings.”

There is no middle ground on this. Every decent American should be furious about this. The fact that the Trump administration is being allowed to get away with this is a disgrace. And please don’t come back with “Well, the Obama Administration did it.” If they did, that was wrong. But the fact is this is how it is now. And the situation has been accelerated by the Trump Administration.

History won’t look kindly on this. And they shouldn’t. The Trump admin. should be remembered for its inhumane policies towards children. And I hope Democratic candidates remind the country of this as the months go on. These are children – little children – the Trump Administration is mistreating. Don’t blame their parents. The Trump Admin. could do better. But they aren’t.

These children are in the care of the people of the United States and this is a travesty and a failure.

But let’s forget all of that.

Within 20 comments there will be something about abortion.


I expect before that we’ll see one blaming the parents.

What do you propose?

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How about we start by providing soap and toothpaste. Then we can work our way up to stopping any verbal and mental abuse.


Basic human decency towards children would be a pretty good start.


And keep them locked up? Ok. Tell me where to send 10 bars and 10 tubes. I’ll do my part.

What do you want me to do about the “abuse”?

Do you really believe federal law enforcement agents are abusing children?

Gnash our teeth, clinch our fists, blame Trump, blah, blah, blah…:sob:?

Do you really believe federal law enforcement agents are abusing children?

Call you senators and congressperson. Demand change.

Don’t dare offend Republicans by calling them concentration or internment camps though. We wouldn’t want to upset them as they cheer children being treated in a subhuman manner.


If they are in a detention center/holding area, who do you think is responsible for their care?

Based on some of the comments I have seen from ICE agents describing these people? Yeah, I have absolutely no doubt that there is a segment who get off on treating them poorly. That and there is no real oversight to speak of.

Soap and toothbrushes

Who do you think is responsible?

Waste of time. Let’s do something real.

Federal law enforcement. You really think they are abusing children.

Of course there’s oversight. Are you kidding?

I find it incredible you think that poorly of our federal law enforcement agents.

All I need is where to send them. Amazon is on standby.

Congressperson? You have The House.