Trump administration's legacy should be its cruelty to children

Well let me put it this way…

Police mistreat American citizens everyday around this country. I have zero doubt that they treat migrants the same… or worse.

You basically have a bunch of average IQ HS tough guys as ICE agents… yes they are abusing.

But the FBI is different?

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Asking again. Who do you think is responsible?

I agree the House should do something. If they do, will your Senate help?

The chief blame for harm done to migrants belongs first with those who are knowingly breaking our laws to enter the country (including those who know they are not justified in seeking amnesty) and those who have encouraged such actions for decades by doing nothing to stop them.
Want it to stop? Step one…provide a sure method to stop this illegal entry instead of offering nothing but complaints.


FBI tends to court a higher caliber employee. But I am sure they abuse their power just like any other organization that must assert authority in order to maintain order.

Is it a misdemeanor or felony to enter the country illegally?

It is wrong and should not be supported by those in power. Nor is it justified regardless of the penalty.

We have a winner!


You didn’t answer my question…

Is it a felony or misdemeanor?

Democrats and obama…but mostly Clinton

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Check the statutes yourself. I see no significance.

and yet they claim to be pro life…

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Ok buddy.

It’s significant. Families aren’t separated in the United States because of a misdemeanor.

■■■■■■■ disgraceful that anyone refuses to place the blame on the individuals carrying out the abuse.


It doesn’t matter what the reason is this is happening, Doug. You don’t do this ■■■■ to children.

And it’s really distressing to not see more of you folks not voicing against this. Whether you support Trump or not shouldn’t make any difference.

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We could put them into cages like Obama did.

For the hundred time it is not a crime to illegal entry a country if you are a refugee.

Its neither international law signed and ratfied by U.S Congress gives free movement to refugee to enter America illegal without punishment.