Trump administration's legacy should be its cruelty to children

Well that’s different because it was under Obama. Also if people really gave a crap they would start by wanting to help the estimated 2.5 million American children homeless, before bringing in new homeless. Feeding America is a good organization to donate to as are a few others.


Check the Statutes that make Refugee immune under international treaty from being charged with illegal entry.

tu quoque fallacy

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WH has ended legal aid to children which is a violation of their constitutional rights.

we likely will not know the full extent of this for decades till all the internal memos become public, this whole policy is a legal nightmare that the WH has no chance of winning.

That’s politics.

If you can’t detain people humanely, you don’t detain them. Period.

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Wrong again, still saying it but still not providing proof.

I provide the link to the UN treaty American signed and Congress approved of that allow free movement of refugee to enter illegal without punishment.

which is why Judges are not locking refugees up for breaking that law.

Yes and it says if they enter illegally they have to present themselves immediately. Sneaking in and getting caught does not count.

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If you can’t come to the Unite States legally, don’t come at all. Period.
Some people can’t see that their crying and feeling sorry for illegals is what is causing the problem at the border. Illegals count on these people to not get punished.

define “immediately” all they have to do is surrender to the first Border office they see which they are doing.

No there not otherwise they would just come across at a border crossing not out in the middle of the desert or swimming across a river.

They don’t have to cross at a border crossing, again the court has been very clear on this. Refugee can cross anywhere along the border. they simply need to surrender to DHS.

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You people say “Illegal” but there is no such thing as an illegal refugee.

Correct they don’t but answer this: why would I put myself in more harm’s way by tracking across a desert, swimming a river or hiring a coyote when they can just walk up to a border station on any road?

Maybe it is because they are not refugees and they don’t want their story checked out.

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If you want this to stop, you need to work out a comprehensive safe third party agreement with Mexico that will make all Refugee claim entrying from Mexico null.

Provide proof they are all refugees

Refugee is self-declared the only person in America who can revoke it is a Judge.

Provide proof they are all claiming it?