Unaccompanied minors and Trump failure as a leader

Trump is the President the Captain of the SS Federal Government, the CBS is in crisis, the DHS is in crisis. but where is the President? he is blaming everyone else for the failure of his own policies.

CBS/DHS knew they couldn’t house every single child who crossed the Southern border but Trump didn’t care he set a policy in motion that crippled them.

Facilities that were built to house 200 children are now housing 400, the budget was never billed to cover this increase. so mistreatment has started because the facilities are over-crowded.

but this is Congress fault? why they didn’t set the policy, Trump could have gone to Congress any time and said we need more money we can’t keep doing this. but he would never admit fault.

so now the federal government is in crisis and were is the President, he is on twitter complaining about Liberals, why isn’t he in Washington kicking down door in Congress trying to get funding, why isn’t he redirecting funding under his state of emergency.

Because Trump isn’t a leader, he has crumbled in the face of a crisis.


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