Migrant Children being Abused

So it turns out the children are being verbally and physically abused. They are being forcibly drugged and shackled for days.

Summer camp this is not. And I hope a full investigation is done, and everyone involved is prosecuted to the fullest.

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That’s a crock.

We will find out. But it makese you wonder why they are making it so difficult for journalists and lawmakers to see whats going on.

These allegations are serious and warrant a full investigation.

It’s a partisan crock.

We shall see, you don’t mind if it gets investigated?

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These are the folks that will assure you that real prisons are summer camps and people just can’t wait to go because it’s so great.


The free press is important especially in these times.


Strozk should be available…

All that needs to happen to prove the accusation wrong is for Trump to allow the press and Congress into these centers when they show up at them.

Go for it!


10 cha

Places like this tend to attract abusers like flies to ■■■■.

Oh yeah, prisons are a mess. People have no idea.

Retirement homes are a ■■■■ show as well.

If we really wanted to treat them badly we could send them to the UK. :wink:

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Thanks for this. I was afraid this was happening.

Be hard to find an airline that’d help you on that one :laughing:.

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You have no proof it’s not.

It is on your part to say it’s not happening when there is evidence it is.

I wonder how many have died? That’s going to come out soon.