Time to disband FBI and most of CoJ

Or at very least move them out of DC.

It’s time to get the most powerful law enforcement agency out of DC corrupt political environment and indict, arrest and bring to justice those corrupt elements that lays in the heart and soul of that agency.

It’s time to stop using corrupt attorneys as a political weapon.

Otherwise they will always remain corrupted by left-wing political influence.

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The real question before us is can these organizations — two of the most crucial arms of any democracy — correct themselves?

We don’t know. This is supposedly underway. But you’ll have to excuse me for being a little bit skeptical that enough of the guilty heads will roll or that the house will thoroughly be cleaned. These organizations are too incestuous and, as my headline indicates, are headquartered too close to the rest of the government in Washington. That means that people involved with justice spend too much time around politicians, media and all the rest of the Beltway players. They are subject to influences they should be far away from. They have friends they shouldn’t have.

According to Yahoo as Hill is reporting that FBI labeled QAnon as terrorist threat

An FBI document, first reported by Yahoo News, identifies conspiracy theories as potential domestic terrorism threats, specifically identifying QAnon, a group that believes there is a “deep state” working against President Trump, in the memo.

While dragging their feet in labeling Antifa a threat.

They used the excuse of Pizzagate shooting…meanwhile Antifa loving democrats presidential candidates are inciting terrorism by labeling ICE as Nazis and fascist which sparked terrorist threats and attacks against ICE facilities around the country.

Once again they’re allowing politics to determine their policies.

How many people have Antifa gunned down this year?

This again


The same number as Qwhatever.

Move them to Ferguson.

Who you talking to?

Not you.

What would it take to convince you that laws were not broken in the FBI? You already have a Trump lap dog AG who has looked into it. At what point to you admit that laws weren’t broken?

Tired of these people making up ■■■■ , pulling nonsense out their ass and passing it off as truth/facts.


Funny how some thinks the most politically corrupt law enforcement in the world is expected to investigate and bring criminal charges against themselves? :rofl:

Ferguson would be perfect site to move FBI head quarters.

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hey you support and parrot the most politically corrupt president this country has ever seen…so how are you better


The media?

This is a brilliant idea. Donald should issue an EO immediately that disbands the FBI and the DOJ. Might not stick but it would really send a message.

I thought the Swamp of corruption was drained and that good citizens like you and I were winning back Washington. If that were the case why would you want to move the FBI out of Washington? Where would you have them go. Some other corrupt US city? No…they should stay right where they are since Trump is winning in Washington.

Stop playing games, you know who I’m talking about.

You will never have corrupt free law enforcement while eating, drinking and rubbing elbows with politicians.

You are aware that every head of the FBI in its history has been a Republican. Do you think this says something about the quality of Republican leadership given that you believe they are susceptible to left-wing influence?

And are you suggesting that all the corrupt influence comes from the left?

DOJ is headed by the Attorney General, who is a member of the President’s cabinet. If we were to move the DOJ out of DC, would you suggest demoting the Attorney General below cabinet rank?

Given the central role of the FBI is counter-espionage, I am sure Vladimir Putin would approve heartily of disbanding the FBI. His investment in Trump just keeps paying dividends.