Full pardon for Flynn may be imminent

Oh and Wray…he’s one of them as well. He’s doing everything he can to stall, delay and keep it from getting out.

He’s just new thug to replace old thugs.

So maybe it’s the institution, not the person?

Yes…100 percent.

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Maybe we should do something about the institutions?

Nobody has answered because that is the point. He did not lie. They tried to get him too, then accused him of lying. Even though the agents who interviewed him thought he told the truth.

Don’t have political leadership or courage. The ones with power isn’t going to relinquish it. And repugs won’t take the necessary actions that is needed.

Graham is a joke. All talk. Barr…don’t trust him. His love for bureau will prevent him from making those necessary moves that is needed.

Only thing is to remind people don’t trust FBI…they’re not our friends. Don’t talk to em…don’t give em any information.

Disbanding them is only option. Everything is tainted…

I can’t find anything there to argue with. I looked.

He did lie.

He even plead guilty of it


What was the lie?

For gods sake that is what the fight is over. He plead guilty to lying when they showed him the transcript. However as I understand it the transcript has been shown to be false and the FBI won’t give up the 302 or conveniently lost it. Even Comey said the investigators did not think he lied.

The transcript isn’t false.

He really lied about contacting Kysliak and asking him to hold off on responding to sanctions imposed by the President for meddling in our elections.

He plead guilty to this.


There is a whole host of other things that they probably could have got him on, but held off because he pled guilty to this.

Dude should have taken his lumps and served the little time he would have gotten and counted himself lucky.

But… the CEC is all powerful.

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Which is another definition for…???:thinking::thinking:

Nice jailhouse lawyer move…I like it.:sunglasses:

Guilty of what crime?

"Following the interview, there were at least two areas of concern: In response to whether he had asked Russia to use its power on the United Nations Security Council to delay or defeat a resolution critical of Israeli settlements, Flynn claimed this was not discussed. It was.

And when the agents asked whether Flynn had asked Russia not to retaliate against the US after Mr. Obama imposed new sanctions, Flynn falsely claimed that this, too, was not discussed."

Is that enough for you to show he lied?

Nope. Republicans used to be pro FBI before the FBI decided to choose sides and try to illegally influence an election. BTW. Being anti Comey is not anti FBI.

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I think you will have to wait for the full report to be released. Same as me. Will you respect the findings?

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Not sure who Chris was before on old forum but I have long history here warning people of dangers of those goverment agencies.

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Word up.

They bankrupted Flynn without a crime, they could do the same to his son without a crime.

Is this worth a little time in the slammah?

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He had to pay for lawyers cause he committed crimes . That’s the price you pay.