Trump Twitter Ban is Permanent

Even the briefest of internet research will tell you what you need to know. Adherents were posting openly to 8 Chan and Parler. You can even see Q merch on attendees of Trump rallies.

Trump himself was asked about them.

But again, I am skeptical of a Con who claims complete ignorance of Q.

We had a lot of divergence of perspective over the summer also.

What if I just don’t care to explore.

Sounds like a canard to me.

Because it makes more sense to believe what you want to believe instead of find out of it’s true?

Sounds about right.

BTW, that’s exactly how Q operates👍

Sounds like a schoolyard game to me.

Why are you promoting it?

Here you are a year and a half ago totally not knowing what they are.

He knows who they are. Look at the post above and at the date

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Did you pull a Kevin McCarthy, my guy? Are you pretending not to know about QAnon when you’ve known exactly who and what they are in the past?

Lol. “I don’t even know how to say it. Q-on?”


I have often suspected that you were posting from the school yard

No I still don’t…but I know who the and what CoJ and FBI are thou. They’re corrupt POS’s specially those at the top.

Sure you do. You knew enough about them in 2019 to know that they were responsible for Pizzagate

Because it was all what libs here talked about.

Nice try lib.

Not one single post here of mine. Not one.

Here is 11 posts calling out libs double standards. Everything else was defending against personal attacks because of libs double standards.

I understand libs desire to hold others to standards they refuse to hold themselves.

So you do know what they are and you were telling porkies about not knowing.

Clearly the cable ratings say differently.


cNN rating coup.


There is also felony trespassing.

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Trying to use Brit slang to accuse members of lying. Tsk, tsk.


Criminal defiant trespass is more of what I saw.

The idiots looked bewildered when they were in the building.

They expected the police to stop them.

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So did I.

Part of why this entire event doesn’t appear genuine…to me anyway.