Time to disband FBI and most of CoJ

As long as politic is involved the system is corrupted.

Also it seems FBI, CIA and NSA under Obama was greater threat then Putin.

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Frank Cali appreciates this post.

When Lois Lerner gets charged

When Hillary Clinton gets charged for gross incompetence when dealing with classified information.

When Susan Rice gets charged for lying about Bengazi being started over a video

And finally when Obama gets charged for ordering the assassination of an American Citizen without Due Process.

All these events would be a great start to restore the credibility of ou Justice Department


You mean the theory which was supported a number of mass murders shocked fbi is looking into it

Let the purges Begin!!!

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To quote Hamlet, “I know not seems”. Explain your accusation.

Well, it’s very rude to tell a member of the forum to shut up. You don’t strike me as a rude person. His truth and your truth are not the same truth. The FBI has been corrupted, they lost their way.

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Fbi is the most corrupt law enforcement agency in the world?


They want to remove the FBI and most of the doj so you can remove almost all oversight and then abuse the ever living ■■■■ out of the agency because that’s the real goal here behind this OP.

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Never heard of him. Tell him thanks.

But only to punish the libs

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Yes, because they hide behind our laws to committed criminality.

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Because libs want to use government to punish people so they need to punish first and get ahead of the game…

It’s like an alcoholics reasoning for having another drink…someone has to do it!



All of these have fallen within the purview of a Republican led DOJ for two years. The fact that none of them have happened says all that needs to be said about the validity of your claims.

William Barr disagrees with you. That allows all progressives to sit in silence and allow the hyper-partisan Attorney General to tell you that you don’t have cases here.

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The awesome thing about this thread is it comes right after the other thread where people are crying over the idea the dems might stack scotus because they had a seat stolen.

Lol…its fun when someone is so transparent

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Ok, but you have Barr - a Trump appointee. You had session before him.

And they aren’t charging anyone.

Is that because they are Deep State too?

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Meanwhile in other news.

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Move SCOTUS to Boise Idaho and get politics out of it…oh wait. They’re just another political branch.