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You’ve already seen it proving that no matter what I showed you, there’d be some form of denial. Now…how do we know this is true? Cuz due to you knowing it being true, you wouldn’t put your avatar up for a bet and it’s just that simple…amirite? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass: :+1:

Do you believe they are doing it to replace white people?

No… no you haven’t.

I watched the video.

They were talking about shifting demographics and how that may have an impact on future electoral power. That is something that has been talked about since the Bush 43 administration.

Talking about shifting demographics does not prove that there is a conspiracy to replace white voters with illegal immigrants.

I believe they’re doing it to remain in power. Those in power can tap into corrupt funds that they’d never, EVER earn honestly out in the real world.

He’ll there was people on here hoping unvaccinated people would die off from covid to change the electorate.

There was anouther that said old people.

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That’s exactly what’s happening.

The Grand Replacement Theory states there is a conspiracy to replace whites with non-whites. This is not that. This is a generational change in political and social ideology. Younger generations tend to be more politically and socially progressive than older generations. Traditionally conservative parties either become less conservative to attract younger members or hope younger generations become more conservative as they age.

Correct. It is a fact. Of course I could ignore it like you do with the mountain of CRT evidence.

The goal is to build a new proletariat. Do you deny it?

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Kansas. 1854.

“White” is immaterial.

Why do you think progs are for mass illegal immigration?

“Detained” is not “deported”.

Or all three and many more. But you and I know it’s not racial, don’t we?

Says the one living in Maine. :rofl:

Then why do dems advocate against addressing illegal immigration?

It’s pretty open.

That’s not true.

No it isn’t.

No. Nice try. The critically conscious are importing people they believe will make new crits.

Replace liberals.

When will white’s no longer be a majority?