Thug Culture State of Mind

Saw no mention of yet another example of thugs preying on the weak.

Police scared to/refusing to act. Thugs criming with impunity. Straight up savagery.

What purpose this violence?

Picture of Suspect


The logo is a nice touch.

Uh oh. The reporters are going to ask Trump to condemn right wingers again.


Before I came into this thread, I knew he was black.

Ask me how I knew.


Rick Moranis is 5’ 5" tall and weighs 130 pounds. What is the purpose of this violence?

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Because you see racism everywhere?


How did you know?


Rather dramatic, but no


I know when I think of thug culture I think of some random dude punching out an old actor on the Upper West Side. That’s on the set!


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a violent person, especially a criminal.

If you are going to condemn one crime as perceived as cherry picked due to the races of the people involved, are you gong to condemn all such acts of violence that are cherry picked by the media due to the race of the participants?


The question was on topic?

You said ask, I asked.

Let’s all stay on topic please.

Quick, first person who find a conservative call a white guy a “Thug” in this thread gets a “like”

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You’re correct, that shouldn’t have been a reply to you. My apologies.

The guy who attacked Rittenhouse is a thug.

I gave you the definition. Get on topic please.

I understand.

I am

This guy here is an idiot and I hope he is found and thrown in jail.

He’s not an idiot. He didn’t do it because he’s stupid.

It is random, wanton violence. Pure savagery.

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