The Pork in the Bailout

Not sure why the National Endowment for the Humanities needs money through this emergency bill…

These centers for the arts employ quite a few folks. It appears that the relief targets those that might not have been helped without being this specific.

Should have been a 0% loan across the board offered to those who suffered damages as a result of CV. Nothing more.


That’s waaaaaaaay to honest of an idea.

And you have to prove losses. Use the post office for that.

I would include unexpected loss of life/income for breadwinners. That may be the only “progressive” exception I would include.

If one can only really find a few million in a two trillion dollar bill to complain about, then it doesn’t seem like there is too much pork in it.

Don’t know the final number for NPR ([email protected]!!’), but saw this on Forbes:

  • $75 million in the Senate bill funded the Corporation For Public Broadcasting. Why does National Public Radio and Big Bird get a coronavirus subsidy? The Pelosi bill allocated $300 million.

And didn’t they stop covering POTUS’ virus briefings cuz they don’t like him? Grrrr.

Is this a serious question?

Remember Trump downplayed coronavirus for the first two weeks saying it would just go away.

Now he’s saying everything will be up and running by April. Hands up how many people actually believe this?

Edit. Might have been considered a call out.


And NPR is filled with never-Trumpers. Shouldn’t receive a cent of public $$.

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Really, from what I understand, he’d LIKE to have everything up and running by Easter.

The situation is still fluid.

But, if they get a check they’re going to cash it, aren’t they?

Because people are employed by them and still need to be paid.

Like for instance, I work in television and have been laid off since all production has been shut down. A TV show employs hundreds of people from top to bottom.

My guess is that adding funding to these budgets is the most efficient way to get money to these non profits.

I will say again, that if the complaint is a few million in a two trillion dollar bill then there doesn’t seem to be that much pork in it.

One dollar of public money for NPR is too much unless equal amount goes to RNC.

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Not being serious.

No worries.

Dead serious.

I’m all for helping museums and yes even Big Bird. So many kids stare at TVs and Sesame Street is awesome or at least a much better option than the usual crap. All kids should be able to access Sesame Street IMO.


They can start a go fund me page for that. They are so partisan it is ridiculous. Libs know it but they pretend they dont.

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Odds of that happening . . . Slim to none. I’m thinking June 1 things start back to normal.