Are you guys really OK with this?

You don’t know why. That’s the joke.

I know. Coronavirus is hilarious as are probable $3trillion deficits. Let’s all have a good time trolling people

Oh now we’re worried about the economy. :roll_eyes:

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Never took you for an introvert.

He didn’t just say, “the ratings of my News Conferences etc. are so high.”

He was pointing out the msm’s cries to stop broadcasting his pressers.

I know it makes you feel good to accuse, but all you had to do was ask.

Everything the fake news media tries to do to silence Trump, just pushes more people over to Trump. And media who refuse to broadcast Trump will simply reduce their audience as people tune in to Trump elsewhere.

The only way they will potentially start to regain their lost audiences will be to start telling the truth.

The press briefings should not be about Trump. People would watch whether he was on TV or not. He isn’t adding anything. But when it gets up there and says things like “I knew it all along” or lies about the number of cases, ventilators etc… it actually takes away from the real information people need.

When the msm insist on demonizing Trump 95% of the time in their commentary and dishonestly edited clips, he has no option but to present himself directly to the citizens so they can compare the two personas.

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The people didn’t vote for him. The electoral college did.


I am.

It was a direct response for the growing call among media sources to stop covering his briefings live.

You don’t have even that.


You can complain. God knows you do that. And tomorrow you’ll be setting your hair on fire yet again over the next day’s lib outrage. And attacking anyone who doesn’t carry the same hatred for the man as you.

Power to hold him accountable?


in the states where people did

everyone still tries to slice and dice the election as though he didnt REALLY win

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YoutubeTV. Better DVR, more channels, more users per account, and little less.

I tried both.

Touting ratings of the COVID 19 press briefings…while in the middle of a pandemic… if the rating are high, does that mean we keep getting pressers?

“Look at the ratings 9/11 coverage received” imagine if Bush said that.

What 2 personas? Just go to his twitter feed… no spin needed. He is the same person no matter where he opens his mouth or his twitter account.

Would the reverse be true?

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A direct, honest answer. Thanks.

At least Trump hasn’t had a shoe thrown at him…yet?

You are right.

Many more people deserve credit.