Are you guys really OK with this?

Is this really the kind of president you want?

Talking about ratings during this worldwide crisis.

Would you be OK with a Democrat who did this?

Even by Trump standards that’s remarkably tone deaf. Also they don’t care no matter what he says or does.

I honestly don’t understand it.

Still think Bush’s bullhorn speech after 9/11 drew higher ratings.

This President talking about ratings while Americans are dying from the coronavirus doesn’t really surprise me.


Me either.

Are Americans recovering from China Flu also?

How would they know?

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Survivor: Trump Edition.


Trump is an â– â– â– â– â– â– â– 

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Indeed. Trump treats his presidency as a reality show, and he is the star.

Has he ever shown an empathetic moment where he truly cares for the people that are suffering and dying? He reads some nice words sometimes…that is about it.

I have seen him attempt jokes at his pressers…nothing about this pandemic is funny.

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Waiting for the Clinton tenants to make a thread “Trump Cheers His Ratings While People Die”

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I agree. His handling of it would be funny if it weren’t a daily demonstration of his incompetence and people weren’t actually dying from it. I’m just glad some of the media has decided to stop airing his daily “briefings” so they aren’t repeating lies and spreading misinformation.

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Trump lied, people died.

Doom and Gloom. Gloom and Doom. That would be better leadership? Certainly not.


Yes, it’s fantastic that we’re over 100,000 cases in the US now. #1! #1! :roll_eyes:

It makes sense if you acknowledge that he’s nuts.

His fans won’t allow themselves to believe that, and his Alpha image is propped up by the CEC, so there you have it.

Honesty instead of gaslighting during a national crisis. That would be better leadership

Yes he is. What are you?