The Pork in the Bailout

Because an organization doesn’t like the President (any President) , they shouldn’t receive public money?

There’s some good stuff on NPR.

As partisan as fair and balanced Fox?

The network where only Tucker Carlson had the guts to break from the sheep and point out the dangers of Coronavirus?

In another thread, I used a CNN article breakdown of “extra money” to point out about 1.3 BILLION dollars that shouldn’t be in the bill.

I pointed out that unemployment addition should be and extra $400 on top of normal instead of $600. Probably could have savings in on the business side as well.

The $1,200 per person? If you get unemployment payments – should you also get the $1,200?

I’d say no.

I think the logistics of doing those $1,200 payments has yet to be figured out. Let’s hope whoever is in charge devises a sensible plan and is fully aware that plenty of folks who don’t need it are going to want to get it.

It’s funded with public tax dollars. Huuuuge difference! What would you say if all their reporting etc was pro Trump? We both know the answer.

No. They stopped covering the press briefings because they don’t want to intentionally spread misinformation, unlike your President who seems to thrive on doing it.

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Last year we drew from 401 for home improvement which artificially inflated our income and took us to the edge of not qualifying. It’s still something I won’t believe until I see it.

You may know your answer. I assure you you don’t know mine.

Fair and balanced - that is me. I’m not up on everything of a political nature bu when I see something that catches my eye more than willing to read two, three or even four sides to a story, consuming several media - before making a decision.

Would that my fellow Republicans and the conservative branch of the party could say the same.

They should not be allowed to make that choice. Propaganda is their game and that’s what the P should stand for in their name. But small price to pay I guess for 4+ more years. Suggest you donate to RNC to add some fairness. Have a good afternoon.

There really won’t be any logistics.

If you made under $75k in 2018/19 – and filed a tax return – you WILL get $1,200. No qualifications, no restrictions on what you can use the money for ect.

This goes on till june, I can guarantee there will be another mass payment to the people again with no qualifications or restrictions.

This isn’t Russia, comrade… it’s called the FREE press for a reason.

Look up the original charter/mission statement… or keep your head in the sand. Dobri Vecher

Is this it? Even with oppo researchers going over this line by line? This is not very much in pork honestly.

What does the “P” stand for?

I’m good with the museums. Like somebody said, there’s people.

My head isn’t in the sand brother. Government doesn’t get to dictate what is or isn’t reported. This isn’t China.

Meant for Wiley: P for Presidential of course. A public outlet should represent the interests of the entire public, not just the (can’t say that word here, but you know. Incintslly Trump is talking now and I’d rate it a 10 out of 10 - it’s more wonderful than the world has ever heard. Really! 8 more years!! I am sure you agree. Leave the dark side - you owe it to yourself and those you care for. Or shrivel up and go to a safe space if you must.

I don’t live in fear. Your boy on the other hand seems to be driven by it. He’ll be lucky to last eight more months at this rate.

NPR is identical to how China and NK manage dissemination of info.

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