So what's the next "scandal?"

Doesn’t that depend on Trump?

Don’t want impeached? Don’t do impeachable things.

She’s an angry nut who is bitter because for once she cannot get her way.

Trump should throw a bucket of water on her and see if she melts! :sunglasses:

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Great picture. I love it.

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No it depends on Democrats…Don’t impeach if you don’t have the votes, the evidence or the ability to bring the evidence. In other words, don’t get out over the tips of your skis…and don’t impeach anyone if you don’t have the juice to do it. This past 3 months has been a complete waste of time and money for Congress. I knew it would be back in October.

If you can “impeach” because of hatred then future impeachments are wide open.

Next scandal…Trump fires Vindman. Orange man bad.


Four year lame duck, the economy will suffer and Sanders will veto every effort a Republican Congress will put on his desk.

The bar has been set and the die cast

Somebody just started a thread on it. You called it. :+1::grin:

Lulz, they DID have enough evidence and that was all but confirmed by Senate Pubs refusal to hear more testimony and get corroborating records.

It’s not the Dems fault the Senate Pubs are covering for Donny.

And it’s not the republican senate fault that libs in congress didn’t do their homework.

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Not their fault it was a nothing burger.

As an avid Never Trumper…They did not they never had it, and unfortunately they moved too quickly. There was never in my mind anything there that would sway enough republicans to convict…let alone allow enough to hear testimony…

I have largely kept quiet on impeachment except to repeatedly say I was against it, and didn’t want it for just that reason. This whole phone call thing was horribly mishandled from the get go.

That’s the excuse some of them give, all right.

Ha, he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and the Republicans wouldn’t convict him at this point.

“Not enough to hear testimony”…lol, they were ■■■■■■■■■■■■

Oh stop whining. If house democrats done there job the senate would have review it.

Yeah, it’s always been that way.

Nah. Not a scandal. An expected action by someone with the perspective of Trump. Who has felt unrestrained by the fact he has complicit actors with just enough power to allow him to do these things without repercussion.

Our nation suffers, but that doesn’t matter to those complicit in the Senate. The military once again is shown where they actually stand in the eyes of Trump. But that doesn’t matter to those complicit Republicans in Congress. Fewer people turn towards the once shining city on the hill because of this. But the Grand Ol’ Party doesn’t care because short sighted power and a blood oath to a man is all that matters today.

Welcome to Trump’s America. Loyalty to oaths, to the Constitution, and to the rule of law no longer matter. Believing in doing the legal and right thing no longer matter. Your worth as a welcomed American is dependent on your fealty to a single man. The very situation our Founders fought, and countless numbers of our fellow countrymen gave their lives for, now once again realized.

I’m disgusted that it was my former party that opted to push us back towards a monarchy. I believed for so long it would be liberals and Democrats that would slide that direction. But no. It was the party I belonged to for most of my life. The party of Lincoln. Of Goldwater. Of Reagan. I hope Donald Trump was worth destroying it all for.


You’re not BSing me here dude…don’t waste your time trying.

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My point is that I PERSONALLY…ME didn’t feel they had enough. And I was right.