So what's the next "scandal?"

The dems counted on “Russia” for over two years. It went kaput. Then they decided that Ukraine was a winner. With both of those officially dead, what will the dems do? Get back to real work? Or continue to provide “oversight” on the President. I’m guessing the latter. They have probably convinced themselves that impeachment is not actually over and will continue to fight. Kind of like the guy who gets fired from his job and still tries to show up for work. Will the dems get back to real work or dig for the next “scandal?”

What’s your prediction?

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I think they will attempt another impeachment…or someone will claim trump touched em. :wink:

And then fall back is 3 R’s.

Russia and Recession.


They could always try crying about the border wall again? It’s going up, up, up! :wink:


And reposts those 2014 photos of kids in cages.


That would not surprise me at all. If all else fails. Bring out Racism. No matter how times it fails. They are incredibly slow learners.

They will claim that Trump tried to rename the band that did “Dust In The Wind” … Missouri.

Impeachment 2.0 The Rise of Bolton.

I wonder what’ll happen if Trump wins and Democrats take the Senate?

They may try that. But it would probably be thrown out. Impeaching the president twice for the same offense? Sounds like double jeopardy to me.

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My prediction and hope is the Democrats will focus on the elections. Unless something really concrete comes out of the Southern District of New York, or tax fraud, etc.

Anything short of a serious felony with hard, irrefutable evidence will not be taken seriously.

Cue up the cages and caravans

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We’ll know in the next day or two. I don’t think they will be able to let it go. The hate is driving them.

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Haven’t heard much about his book lately

In June the Supreme Court hears three cases involving things that the President does not want in the public.

The Karen McDougal/ Stormy Daniels hush money case. This is the one where the lawyers are arguing that the President cannot even be investigated while in office.

The Mazars case involving his taxes

And the Deutche Bank/Capital One case involving the President’s finances.

So… the Summer may be jammed packed.


I suffer from that same hate, but like to think of myself as a pragmatist.

I think that Barr has effectively sat on the SDNY.

I don’t think anything will be coming out of there any time soon.

an illegal alien will blow a whistle, but only dogs will be able to hear it

Excellent answers!

I’m betting that Shifty is eyeing Stormy again (and not for the obvious reason). But he needs to get his ass in gear. Time is short. What happened after the last impeachment? Oh yeah, the president’s approval sky rocketed to record highs. :us:

More “oversight” I can’t wait!

Why is it that when some Lib claims there is a dog whistle, the dogs it’s intended for never hear it?

That’s the spirit!