Lt Col.Vindman fired

Let the retribution begin…
Who’s next?

His brother, who was also fired.

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Support of the military, my Aunt Mary…

He loves our great military…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

They will make this the next scandal.



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It shouldn’t be?..An officer reporting a questionable action isnt safe from retaliation?

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Maybe he should have done it as a whistle blower instead of telling someone else and letting them be a so called whistle blower.


It wasn’t questionable…Not matter how many time you tell yourself that. Not to mention he didn’t go through chain of command.



Maybe he should have but it’s highly respected that he decided not to .

Miltary leaders learned a long time ago to keep their politics to themselves.

Lt Col Vindman must’ve missed that course.

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Not quite to the level of Comey where he gives information to a friend to release to the media.

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Or rudy who gets info from New York fbi?

You have nothing I cant counter with some shady trump ■■■■■

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Comply with a subpoena and get fired for it. Seems fair.

Monday morning quarterbacking is cool stuff. Vindman got a lawful subpoena to testify and so he did. Now he is a pariah to some people simply because dear-leader got upset.

He literally complied with a subpoena.

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The military should support vindman and remove trump

He was subpoena and followed the law.

Too funny…libs are whining again. They believe not matter what they do or say they shouldn’t be any repercussions.