Reverse Psychology!

I agree with the first part of his premise- that promoting and mandating vaccines cause some Trump voters to angrily refuse to get vaccinated- cuz Fauci, Pelosi, Biden totalitarianism bla bla bla…

I just don’t think anyone on the Left is actually pushing vaccinations to get Trump voters not to vaccinate. That’s crazy in my book. But again I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump takes up this idea.

Not just Trump voters.

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That’s the whole point of the thread and what Noltes article is talking about.

Don’t amplify it.

Don’t amplify a news article?

What percentage of OPs start with referencing a news article?

Don’t amplify the nonsense.

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Dude this is a political forum- or would you say the same to these folks:

Surprise. Local libs are as cowardly as national libs

Update on: The big lie

Good Lord. Beta for TX Gov?

“A bunch of Black men have been attacking Asians.”

Be better

Mm no answer so I assume you’re just joking.

Not at all. Let’s raise the level of discourse, you and I.

As soon as I see you over at those other threads saying the same thing- then absolutely!

Might want to check that first one.

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I think the theory is crazy but the part that hits home for me is that there is some truth to the idea that whatever a liberal is for, a conservative tends to be automatically against- and vice versa.

To the point when even the common sense idea of taking a vaccine to save ones life becomes a political football. This is where things have generally gone off the rails.

I don’t disagree.

It’s about mandates for me.

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I assume you’re ok with some mandates? Masking in hospitals and airports? Public school vaccine mandates?

Or maybe not I can’t remember.

No. I’m never ok with mandates. I begrudgingly admit some are necessary at times.

I dont really understand the difference?

The government does not exist to control me.

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Sure but you’ll begrudgingly admit some mandates are necessary. So do I.

Short time. Emergency only. Not a default position.