Update on: The big lie

Here it is folks. It appears that we will soon be getting an indictment for the big lie. John Durham will charging a Clinton connected attorney with providing a false story to the FBI. There have been many false alarms in this case, but this may be the real deal because I believe the statute of limitations for his crime is approaching. I hope the lawyer cops a plea and incriminates others. That would be fun.

Here We Go: Durham Indictment of Clinton-Connected Russia Hoax Lawyer May Be Imminent – PJ Media

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Here’s holding on to hope for some change. lol


Glenn Beck approves.


Damn you beat me to it…lol

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Actually, the article says ALLEGEDLY connected.

If this is what Durham has spent all this time chasing…wow.

PJ Media- must be true.

PJ media is piggy backing off the NY Times who broke this story

But the illusion of suppression must carry on

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Rove will indicted any day now…any day.


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This is the Durham bombshell we’ve been waiting for? “A Clinton connected attorney”? Or is there more to come?

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Fox news covered it on air. So there’s that.

I was going to post this day or so ago…it’s not going to happen.

Funny how FBI is upset being lied too but have no problems lying themselves.

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If you read some of my past comments I expected nothing from Durham. I was convinced it would just disappear. Remember?

“Everybody is lying except for me”. Yawn.

it wont happen

the democrats and high level law enforcement are one big corrupt mafia

soon this “durham” will be found to be on the inside too just like barr

No, I don’t. Why did you think it would just disappear?

Did you know that all news organizations are allowed to cover this? And they should.

That’s right…

Of course, you choose PJ media since it gives it that extra “spin” in its word usage :+1:

Who piggy backed off the NYT times who broke this story, it was nice of PJ to include that

To me it just looked like he was running out the clock. He’s probably had all the info he could possibly gather for months. Am I expecting big things from this? Not really. But if this lawyer sold a fake story to the FBI he should certainly see the inside of a jail cell… Agree?

Is that your conclusion? How did you come to that? Did Durham tell you this is all there is?