Reverse Psychology!

Public school mandates? Military vaccine mandates? Both default.

he must have forgotten that part

I’m a member of neither.

Come on man…

I’m not. Centgov has no business mandating me.

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Sigh…so you have no opinion of any mandates that don’t personally affect you?

Why would I? Sigh…

The government can control you during emergencies?

He did not.
However, the day after Trump announced that he was restricting Travel from communist China in order to reduce the flow of the virus to the United States, Biden said that hysteria and xenophobia were not the answer.
Many people, admittedly including myself, saw this statement as a reaction to Trump’s statement.

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While Trump was making critical decisions that saved lives, Biden was busy undermining the credibility of the government and the steps it was taking to curb the pandemic…for political gain.

The sad part is, it seems to have worked.


Only if I consent.

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No. They actually don’t care whether lives are saved. If they cared about lives, they would care about the phentynol coming in from the porous southern border.
They object to people not obeying their orders. This narrative about reverse psychology is just a progressive ego-salvage exercise. They can then tell themselves that those who obeyed the orders were successfully controlled by the sophisticated and educated Fabian socialists; and those who didn’t obey the orders were unwittingly also manipulated by the Fabian socialists. We control everyone.

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