Reverse Psychology!

I mentioned this crazy theory in passing a couple times. Libs actually don’t want conservatives to get the vaccine- we promote it, mandate it and push the importance of the vaccine so that conservatives refuse to get it. Reverse psychology.

Well now a Breitbart writer has laid it out and I have a strong feeling it’s gonna get some traction. Trump might even promote this theory.

Here is Norte:

“If I wanted to use reverse psychology to convince people not to get a life-saving vaccination, I would do exactly what Stern and the left are doing… I would bully and taunt and mock and ridicule you for not getting vaccinated, knowing the human response would be, Hey, ■■■■ you, I’m never getting vaccinated!

“No one wants to cave to a piece of ■■■■ like that, or a scumbag like Fauci, or any of the scumbags at CNNLOL, so we don’t. And what’s the result? They’re all vaccinated, and we’re not! And when you look at the numbers, the only numbers that matter, which is who’s dying, it’s overwhelmingly the unvaccinated who are dying, and they have just manipulated millions of their political enemies into the unvaccinated camp.“


Amplify the craziness.



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I wrote that article for Breitbart?

Here is the source article:

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You brought it out of Breitbart.

Ok no one has ever posted an article from a main news source for the start of their thread. Huh?



Maybe you want to comment on the OP. Do you think it’s plausible?

It’s craziness.

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I love that the argument on the right, so often boils down to, “look what you made me do!”.


Howard Stern… :rofl::rofl::roll_eyes:

Nikki Minag

Minaj also revealed that she did not plan on getting the shot until “I feel I’ve done enough research.” However, on Wednesday, rather than inviting Minaj for a visit to the White House, it was clarified that the rapper was instead offered a connection to one of the doctors in Biden’s administration in order to clarify any of her outstanding questions regarding the vaccination.

I suppose her Trump support was a factor?

I seriously would not be surprised if Trump took this up.

See what they are making you do with my beautiful vaccine! They’re coming up with all these crazy mandates so you won’t take it- and then they laugh when we die. It’s sick! But that’s liberals these days.


Were people expecting for her to be invited to the White House?

She doesn’t fit the narrative and neither do the other minority D voters that are being mocked for not trusting a horrible mixed message of mush on Covid.

Looks like an even split of remaining people who have not been vaccinated to me.

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If it gets people vaccinated, I guess they can go for it. But, it would be such a sad state of affairs if it actually worked.

Honestly I agree. If this tactic gets shots in arms, then great.

Libs and cons? No.