Good Lord. Beta for TX Gov?

Sorry. “Beto”. ahem

Is this serious?

With the wide open gates surrendered border policy of the Biden admin and the present America-destruction Democrats, is this feasible?

Tx counties along the border are turning hard blue. this is a given. that’s by design, obviously

then you have people fleeing California-istan. they’ll still vote D again because their mental illnesses will prevent them from realizing the same thing will happen to TX as CA, eventually, as the virus of leftism spreads.

this puts “hell yes” we’ll take your guns Francis out in front I’d say

will he win?

Can Beto beat McConaughey? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


where you under the impression democrats were not going to run a candidate ?



As the song says “let’s call the whole thing off!”

I prefer that idiots given name…Robert Francis.

I guess Governor is the next logical election for the O’Rourke kook to lose.


Hopefully Abbott and Republican legislatures get beaten badly. Maybe then they can get rid of that ridiculous anti-abortion law. I know over half of Texans aren’t in favor of it.

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Isn’t that the burglar who wants to take people’s guns?





democrats idolize hollywood so this doesn’t surprise me too much.

no. why would you ask ?

Better than Beto.

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id love to know why it’s “ridiculous” apart from young pregnant democrats who have dave matthews tickets and need to fit into their prom gowns.

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not sure i’d argue that

If Democrats want to lose, Beto’s their guy. Any other candidate that isn’t a complete imbecile will have a shot.

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Or the 42 year old Republican mom of three children who doesn’t want another child.

Latest poll taken Sept. 7 - 14 has McConaughey at +9 over Abbott.

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but texas likes not killing babies, strong borders, and guns

pls explain

if this is a reference to something i’m missing it. sorry. don’t watch tv nightly narrative hour news

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wow. which poll?

abbot and desantis are enemies no 1 of the federal govt right now, because they exercise the power granted to them by the US Constitution and democrats hate that

does this make them more or less popular with their state?