Political realignment is well underway

Back in summer of 2016 during Trump campaign I predicted if Trump wins there will be a political realignment. Of course forum libs laugh. But they were extremely naive. They thought they’re better then us, smarter then us etc that such a move could be done behind their backs. In other words they were ready for plucking.

Well…we are well on our way for that realignment. And IMO it doesn’t bold to well for democrats. You can’t stop a revolution can you libs? After all you done exact same thing back in the 60’s.

Since old forum isn’t here anymore this is first post I made here shortly after we open this forum.

That post was back in July 2018.

What will be final outcome of this? What will this look like in 10 years? 20 years?

I wanted Trump to do the heavy lifting for us since he was willing to carry that on his shoulders. Trump has not disappointed me.

In the end I believe we will have much more Conservative society, one where personal responsibility will become the norm and extreme radicals pf today will be shoved to ashes of history.

As I said back in Nov 2016…enjoy the ride. :wink:

God I love it when I’m proven right.

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How do we get there and what’s the timeframe ?

Funny…Trump never takes responsibility for anything, unless its positive of course.

I’m seeing a movement now. I think people are realizing that dependency on goverment has endangered them…whether it is with police as we are seeing today to goverment programs that single out one group over another to very threat of powerful goverment agencies that can trample over our freedoms and civil rights.

40 years ago liberals would have been all over some of the ■■■■ we are witness with this abuse that w seen under Obama even. No way would they have tolerated them.

Back then I use to party with em…it was something we meaning me an other libs had found a common ground even thou we approached it from different angles.

Today…libs are unapproachable. And people are seeing it.

As long as Conservative remain open…IMO they will gravitate towards us since libs have shut them out.

I hope that makes sense.

Trump is not a conservative. Funny…


It could be ; I am just not seeing where most of people are feeling that way i.e. Trump’s and others’ “silent majority” narrative. It seems to me conservatives are outnumbered today. Whether or not they’ll stay outnumbered is the question. I suspect not because the pendulum is always moving but it’ll take time.

The absurd overreach by state and city government over the 'Rona might push it that way.


That and the “woke” left trying to censor anyone and everyone with their cancel culture.


Cancel culture. I hadn’t heard that one. I like it.

Yes time. Time is always at play, whether its time for change, the right timing etc or as events unfold in time for that change to take place…but either way you have to agree change is coming. Why you may ask…being of timing.

Back before Trump won…one of things I said best way to advance Conservatism is jobs jobs and more jobs. When people have dignity, when they are independent they will gravitate towards Conservatism on their own because they rely less on goverment.

And thus it’s what we are witness today. Libs because their fear is if people realize they don’t need half the ■■■■ they’re getting.

That’s also why it’s our best interest that Black Americans are independent from goverment. The may very well be our best allies here if they become prosperous. And that has libs scared.

Because in lots of ways…Black Americans are inherently Conservative. And that’s not me saying it…it’s what they’re saying.


Cancel culture is stupid. It’s also not new. Berkeley was a bit ago in the news cycles we live in

The op is a dream. It’s a dream that starts with an m and ends with y.

Post modern nonsense. The country is hurling towards more European socialism. Look at the universal healthcare arguments and how they have changed.

By the way Hispanics are conservative too. I always refer to Bushs numbers with them. If only there was a way to into those numbers the gop may actually win over and over again. Alas.

Socially not fiscally. There is a huge difference.

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Protests over police brutality in London?

Is this turning into an authoritarianism backlash for the 'Rona house arrests?

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I have a dream…

At least we can trust him not to do horrible things like, sell guns to drug cartels, train ISIS, sell America’s uranium to the Russians, continue covid research in wohan China after it be came illegal in America, fund terrorism through Iran with billions of American tax dollars. Did I miss anything?

Well now those kids graduated Berkeley and are in positions of power in many major institutions

Meh what percentage of Berkeley graduates were part of “let’s shut down opposite voices” you think. I bet it’s on par with the number of hippies as part of the general population back in the 60s. Silent majority and all that

Need to get past the noise. The actual existence of the cancel culture is a problem. A big one.

You see what’s happening within NY Times past couple of days ?

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