OFFISHAL OHIO Special Electshon Thread


He was trending down. Your linked article says the same, and that was written July 16th. The Trump stump kept him from losing the seat. I know you guys hate Trump and will make every reason in the world not to acknowledge his effectiveness in the positive, but it is evident that Balderson would have lost without his help.


Good. Hopefully Trump and the GOP see it that way and Trump campaigns for as many GOP candidates in tight races as possible.


And that trend never stopped. It was a 5% difference before Trump started campaigning for him


Dems will take the house most likely. Idk if it’s so much due to Trump…seems more like the normal political cycle


That New York darling socialist girl also campaigned for people. All her little darlings lost big time.


Most states won’t have the republican governor attacking his own party…


You’re equating the political gravitas of a candidate for a congressional district in NY with that of a sitting president? Wow, you lot are getting desperate aren’t you?


The democrat was leading until Trump through his support in behind the republican.


What evidence is there that Trump “saved the day”?

The final polls stated the election was too close to call.

The final result was pretty much too close to call.

So what evidence do you have the Trump moved the needle?


Which shows that Democrats don’t really view her as the future of the party


Then what is the message?


No he wasn’t.


If Trump can pull that 36% of independents an 10% of Democrats November will be a red tide strangling the democrats.

What Do Each Of You Think About The Next Elections?
What Do Each Of You Think About The Next Elections?

Why do you bother responding to him?

Its a BS comment that does nothing to engage in debate. He knows that his comment is only meant to inflame.


Two weeks ago it was within the margin of error and just a week ago the dem was up a point or two int he reports I saw.


Sure he was.


It’s demographics… They imported Cuban style socialists to fill the dem ranks.


No the Democratic candidate wasn’t leading.

The RCP average was pretty much dead even the last few weeks.


Which is a running average of how many polls?


I don’t suppose you could you link to that poll that shows O’Conner ahead?