OFFISHAL OHIO Special Electshon Thread


Kasich = can’t cinch… Hee hee hee!


What am I missing in Libya?

… I know you won’t be able to answer, so…


I don’t see Putin taking land while Trump is in Office…

…O’l Flexible and the Uranium queen


How fast did Trump kick ISIS’s ass… We don’t even talk about those issues any more…


The fact that you didn’t know there was a civil war going on before the US/NATO strikes. You didn’t realize that incredibly crucial fact about the situation in Libya.


Funny, cause we’re still trying to kick ISIL out of Syria. Why has it been eighteen months and Trump hasn’t been able to kick ISIL out of the villages along the Euphrates. Why the operation to take Hajin, which continues to this day, has taken low these many months I’m not quite sure.


You mean Mo had a terrorist problem like the entire middle east and was killing them just like Obama was in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama bombed Libya and ran away… Chaos reined and he didn’t care. 10’s of Thousands died. Why intervene if you are not going to stabilizes the situation after wards.

Looks like a building rev in Venezuela, should Trump bomb?

Libs know nothing,.,

Look how callous Hillary about all the death she caused…


There’s no denying the fact that you said there was no civil war going on in Libya when NATO strikes started. You absolutely didn’t understand a single thing about what was going on. You can’t deny that.


That win is more amazing the more I think about it. You had part the rep party under kasich undermining the Trump candidate and he still won in an off year…


Trump lost most of the support he had from Independents.


Turned it around? You do realize that’s a bad thing right as the Republican was never trailing? Balderson started out with a comfortable lead that kept eroding to the point where he won by less than 1%


It worked for the GOP to run on “I am not Hillary.”


You just reiterated his point, and backed it up with a link.


Trump’s endorsement did not help Balderson turn the race around because he was never behind. The comfortable lead he started out with just kept slipping and continued to do so after Trump got involved.

So while it could be correctly argued that Trump’s endorsement turned around the election it was not in the direction that Cratic thinks


Welll yes and “we are not socialsits.”


Care to back that up, or are you just flapping lip?


Um, no. After seeing his lead diminished, Trump campaigned for Balderson over the weekend to keep him from losing. Lookie there, it worked.


Good thing that vote wasn’t next week. Following the current trajectory, the R would have lost lol.

Wisconsin is having an election next week, so the scenario is not out of the question.



Can you show that O’Conner was ever less than 1% behind or ahead of Balderson? If not the direction wasn’t altered.

The 1% difference is a way better showing for O’Conner than expected