OFFISHAL OHIO Special Electshon Thread


It’s the biiiiiiiiig event. Tonight. I think?

Yes. Trump campaigned. The media has been pumping it up.

A congressional (?) seat is up for grabs.

What does it mean? Is it a sign.

Votes shall be coming in hours.





Is this the one the Democrat should have absolutely no chance of winning?



I like me some electshons. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Especially Offishal ones. (Just teasing, IRYW. :slight_smile:


Romney and Trump won the district by 12 points but now it is a tossup.


Should be interesting. I’m glad the polls close early, though we may not know till tommorow.


Given the makeup of the county? Tru.p won it by 11 points and it’s a deep red,white part of ohio.

The gop went deeply negative and it’s not working. If the moderates stay home that’s a problem for the gop…

If the dems lose by 1 or 2 points that’s a problem for the gop.

Also the goo spent 6 times as much as the dems in this section…4 million…they cant afford that everywhere.


can’t wait for Trump to congratulate himself on winning it.


Whys that?


If it’s really close, or there are uncounted votes. Or even if it’s too close to offishaly call. :slight_smile:


Looks like it’ll be a Republican win by a few points, which Democrats will take as a promising sign for the upcoming midterms, and which Trump will crow about as a victory that he made happen.


I SEE wat you SAY. I hope it’s close I enjoy watching results in real time on close elections


Oh, I do hope you’re wrong.


Lol. Yeah close is much more exciting. But not too close, mind you.


I hope I’m wrong too.


Polls closing soon. Even if dems get within 3-4 points it will be good.


Polls closed!


Cross your fingers :slight_smile:


4% reporting

O’Connor - 53%
Balderson - 34%